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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

New schedule

Beginning today, I have a schedule adjustment. On Tuesdays I will be facilitating a bereavement support group late in the day (6:00 to 7:00) so I won't go into the office until around 1:00. It felt nice to not set the alarm for his morning, and believe it or not, I actually slept in a tad. I didn't wake until almost 7:00. For a person who usually wakes around 6:00, that is called "sleeping in."

As for the group, I am looking forward to it. This is the first such group I've done. I've helped individuals or a family with grief, but not a group of bereaved from differing backgrounds and stages. It will be interesting, I think.

I've been thinking about my own walk through grief a few years back. I was lucky to always have some people around me who knew my husband and had some understanding of my path. Most of the people in my group have no one local to walk with them. That's what make this so special, being able to put together a pseudo-family so each with have some others who can navigate together, albeit in different shoes.

I have two things to do on Friday night, both interesting and beginning at 7:00,  and I have to make a choice. Rats. They sound like there is no comparison, but if you know me, you know the conflict. One is a lecture series at the library. They have different topics each month, this month on training service dogs. I really want to go and see if I can pick up some tips and/or decide about perhaps entering some training with one or more of my pups for therapeutic dog training. Jazi would be a really good therapeutic pet, and I think any of the others might have possibilities .... after some pre-training in obedience and socialization. They all do well once they know a person, but are nervous for the first few minutes. If you remember, that is a remarkable change from when they came home with me three years ago. Sammy literally crapped at the sight of a stranger; Max incessantly barked at new faces, etc.

The other Friday night event is going dancing with the singles group. The draw to that is obvious! I've been thinking about going to the lecture, then scurrying to the dancing, arriving late (1.5 to 2 hours). If they were closer together so driving wasn't such a factor, it would help. Ten miles from home to Capitan for the lecture (20-25 minutes), 17-19 miles to Ruidoso (another 20-25 minutes), then 17 miles home (again 20-25 minutes). That's a lot of time to spend driving. Well, I have several days to make up my mind. Knowing me, it will be Friday at about 6:00 when I decide!  LOL!

Friday will hopefully be an even bigger day, as my new glasses will be in around then. I'm really eager to get them. The ones I'm wearing now have cracked and just keep getting worse. "No-frames" are great, but if you put tension on them, they do crack easily where the bows are connected to the lenses with tiny screws in the holes drilled in the lenses.

Can you see all those cracks?

And I'm getting another pair of no-frames!! I know, I know! I tried on a couple dozen frames, and I honestly just don't like the look of frames. Anyway, it will be good to have glasses with no cracks and scratches (I bumped into the car door, knocked them off and they skittered across the gravel in the driveway!!), and a new prescription that is closer to my needs today.

OK, time to get out of bed (9:11) and do a few things before getting ready for work. This has been a nice relaxing morning!  Later, y'all!!


  1. Good luck with the bereavement group! Our chaplain facilitates our bereavement activities, but I think that's mainly because we are fairly small at this point.

    You'll have to let us know what you decide for your Friday night. If it was me, it would come down to Friday night at 6:30 and then I would decide :)

  2. Kelly, our hospice is rather small, too. I think we have around 20 employees plus some contract people. I'm the Coordinator of Bereavement, so it fell to me. The chaplain is invited to join, but at this time she felt her schedule was full. Don't forget I have a MSW, good for this kind of duty. I'm also Coordinator of Volunteers and of Hospice, the latter meaning I'm like an administrative assistant, making sure all the loose ends are tied up in the hospice program. I wear a hat of many colors!

    I will, of course, let everyone know what happens Friday Night!

  3. You are one busy lady. So glad you can still drive at night!

    My difficulties with night driving started years ago!

  4. Every Blessing with the Bereavement Group.


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