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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It's all about me!

I forgot to brag on myself the other day. One should never lose an opportunity to wave her own flag!!

So .... Let me take this opportunity to WOW you!

I have been mumbling to myself for some time about needing to have a different bedspread. I have a couple that I love, but they are too heavy for summer. Both are very lightweight, one said on the package, "Summer Coverlet," but it was still too much for me. It was like a lightweight quilt, no padding, just fabric, probably 3-4 layers to hold it in place, but still to much. I took it off every night or folded it into a thin roll at the foot of the bed. I tried putting just a second sheet on the bed, mostly to catch the doggy sheds and dust off their little feet. That was OK, but it meant taking off the sheet and replacing the bedspread every morning. Just a nuisance and too many steps for this ol' lady still adjusting to a getting-ready-for-work morning routine. And leaving the second, top sheet on the bed was not attractive, although it happened often.

A couple weeks ago I had a brain storm. Usually when my brain makes noises it is more like a brain fart, but this one was a good sound! I thought about buying a nice colored or patterned sheet and a dust ruffle, sewing them together for a "summer bedcover." I planned to go shopping for that. Then I was doing my volunteer shift at the thrift shop and as I straightened the shelves, I saw a pretty sheet, light weight, a high quality very soft percale with a white-on-white, with a delicate pattern. On the shelf below it was a dust ruffle of the right green color! The sheet was a queen, the right size, and the dust ruffle was for a double bed, perfect since I didn't need the ruffle at the bottom. I have a heavy head and foot board.

I brought them home, washed them, cut the dust ruffle in half, and in about 45 minutes, I had the perfect bed cover for summer! I love it!

And the whole thing cost me ....wait for it .... $3!         $1.50 for each piece!

Sometimes I'm so smart I can hardly stand myself!!!  chuckle!


  1. You are very clever. I like it. I think this will be just perfect. Isn't nice when we use our creativity and come up with something we made ourselves?

  2. How very, very clever. You go girl!

  3. Show off!

    Still, perhaps I'll let you get away with it, you did well.

  4. I am properly impressed! Way to go. A beloved uncle of mine always said "He who tooteth not his own horn, the same shall not be tooted!"

  5. Smart lady! And now you have more $ to spend on something else! I love it when that happens.

  6. soooo, you had to use your sewing machine? I avoid that at all costs! but good job for three bucks!!!! cute!

  7. See how smart I am? All y'all said so!! LOL!!

    Thanks everyone!

  8. Love it when a project coms together so wonderfully! Personally I have a strong dislike for bed spreads. I like colorful comforters that are washable.

    Bed making has never been my strong suit.

  9. You are one clever gal Lyn! I love your idea. I was at the thrift store myself yesterday and found a brand new mattress cover, which I needed , for a dollar!
    Ah.... I love thrifting!
    Love Di ♥

  10. How good you are at sourcing useful items in the charity shop, and even better at sewing them up. I'm just envious that you have summer hot enough to require a lightweight cover!

  11. Love it and love thrift shops!


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