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Saturday, August 27, 2011


.... and rocks and more rocks.

One of the originals.

A new one.

Two originals, the one on the right was rebuilt today as it had fallen over or was kicked over by a deer.

A new one. This was challenging, because every time I lifted the big central rock atop the two "legs," they toppled. I think it was the 4th time I restacked that the balance was finally right to hold the heavy stone.
Two more of the originals. If you click to enlarge you will see the delicate balance in the one on the right. I'm really proud of that feat! The fact that it hasn't fallen amazes me!

And the last one .... This took some energy. Some of those rocks are not easy to lift and balance!

A closer view.

I didn't move the two big base rocks, but took advantage of their location to build a giant stack. It's about 4 feet tall.

I like this angle cause it shows the space in the stack.

I spoke again to the lady at the little store, and she said that she learned who is building the stacks. She didn't know much about him, but he is building them as they are supposed to help balance nature. That's good. I think anything we can do to bring balance into this world is worthy of my time. Maybe it's just a pipe dream to think that has anything to do with it, but that's OK. I like the way they look, I like the kind thoughts behind the process, and it was therapeutic for me to be out there, sweating and working out some of my angst from yesterday.


  1. You've done some interesting work there. Often we don't realize the beauty of an object until we begin to work closely with it. I suspect that's true of your rocks. Good for you.

  2. I like them all... and the thought of the therapy they gave you while building them!

  3. Talk about resistance training! Sculpting a body, healing your spirit and with a visual memory once the lesson in balance is concluded.

  4. It takes patience and determination. Both are healthy attributes. I hope they bring you some peace.

  5. Linda, you're right. Those were all rocks that I moved out of the way of other projects into useless piles or just scattered. Once I began this I was holding them and examining them for their shapes they became important and beautiful. Especially the one that I had trouble balancing on the two stacks .... I knew it would work once the balance was right.

    MM, thank you! And I liked the therapy, too!

    LC, yes! I will treasure these for many reasons.

    Merikay, they have already. My heart is much more peaceful today. Thanks.

  6. Very Good. it's nice to have balance in one's life ... and surroundings!

  7. Bob, yes, the more balance I have/see/sense, the better my life seems. Even if it is "in my head," it feels good, :)

  8. Wonderful art therapy. There is something thousands of years old about the compulsion to stack and build stones. You are following in a good tradition.

  9. Yes, Freda. Linda said it well (comment above) and I agree that putting our hands on something changes the object (or medium) and ourselves. Something very therapeutic about it all, and the result is pleasant to see for as long as it lasts. The bonus is that if one become unbalanced and falls the rebuilding is a work of love, art and therapy all over again!

  10. I love the angle of the last photo. I am intrigued and
    in awe at these natural sculptures. In this last photo I see a woman being formed like a phoenix rising from the base. the top stone being the head, the second stone being the shoulders & arms coming together mid body which leads your eyes to the third stone making up the waist to the knees, and well the rest is left up to our imaginations to finish in your mind what the knees down would look like. Masterpiece I say.... you should name this one.
    Love always,

  11. DJ, you have a very active mind! Not a bad description! How about "Matilda"?

  12. Matilda works for me! Is there any meaning behind the name?



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