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Thursday, September 01, 2011

All creatures, wild and tame

Last night, or rather early this morning, Max had a dream, and he woke us all because of it. I was actually slightly awake, turned over and was almost back to sleep. He was right beside my shoulder, and suddenly lifted his head and began a throaty, long, mournful howl! Lola was near him and turned around, blinking with sleepy eyes, and cocked her head. Jaz, Sam and Joey all raised their heads and looked confused. Max just kept howling until I reached over and petted him and repeated several times, "It's OK, buddy." When he woke, he was as confused as the rest of us at that point. Very strange stuff!

The coyotes were out very early this evening. Around 7:00, before it was really dark, they were yipping and yapping, and they weren't far from the house. Hate those beasts. grrrr. Of course, all my guys ran to the deck and were barking furiously. I made them come in and closed the dog doors, and they won't go out without me. I do let them on the deck because it is pretty secure.

A while ago they were out, and there was a sudden ruckus, especially from Lola. It's common for her to be the barkiest one, the terrier part of her, I guess. I called them in, and she came galloping, then she dropped something from her mouth on to the carpet and began to bark at it. She had captured a praying mantis! Good grief. I picked it up and released it back to the outside world.

And this morning, the strangest thing happened. The hummingbirds followed me on my way to work! Seriously! My truck sits right under their feeders, and when I began to drive off, a few of them were sort of hovering over the bed of the truck. I drove almost a half mile at about 20 mph, and they were still all around the truck, darting in front and beside it, then hanging out over the bed! I stopped to say "Good morning" the the dog around the way, and the hummers were hovering at my windshield, looking in at me! I have no explanation for it. I had fed them shortly before leaving the house. I don't know if there was some odd dynamic around that. Very peculiar, regardless of the cause. As I drove off from the neighbor's, the wee birdies disappeared!

I don't understand parts of my life, but they surely are fun and interesting!


  1. Interesting about the hummingbirds, As for the coyote's my dog has chased them already. Luckily she never caught one.

  2. I'm the one who does the waking up howling or moaning - bit scary if the dogs do though. Re the humming birds, would some of the feed (it's liquid sugar isn't it) have dropped onto the windscreen.

    Your life sounds so exotic: coyotes, humming birds, pot-luck visits.... Have fun.

  3. they were following your sweetness.....

    were you wearing red?

  4. Strange behaviour about the birds. Maybe you can wait and see if there are any strange weather things about to happen!

  5. Hummmm, were you driving a hummer? Sorry couldn't resist the joke.

  6. Bob, yes, your dog is lucky! If she caught one, the whole pack would descend upon her. shudder.

    Judy, yep!

    Freda, The truck doesn't actually sit right under it, not close enough to collect drips. And yes, it is liquid sugar. I've not thought of my life as "exotic"! I like that!

    TYR, absolutely!

    MMM, giggle! Yeah, that's it! No I was wearing turquoise that day.

    Jenny, good thought! I'll watch that! There is a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico and it could impact on our weather.

    RET, now THAT'S a good one!!

  7. Golly, it wasn't full moon was it? My previous lab in the kitchen howling at the moon when it was full.

    Something certainly must have been going on, dogs are so sensitive.

    The hummers probably followed a sugar trail; I can only think of Freda's explanation.

  8. Friko, no full moon! But yes, I agree that he was picking up on something.

    As for the hummers, I still think that's not it. It rained early morning, just enough to wash off the truck. I'm choosing to think they love me for feeding them!!

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