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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Looooong weeks and long weekends

I'm tired, and it is not even 8:00 AM. I slept well. Actually, I've slept well for several days running, so that's not the issue. It's just that I can hardly believe it is only Thursday. This past week has been so long, just crawling along. Maybe it will get better now that the memorial service for our coworker is done (yesterday late afternoon). I don't know.

I'm looking forward to this weekend. Long weekends are good (but let's not talk yet about the week after, which tends to be chaotic!), and I have a lot of options on my plate. I didn't know of anyone who was planning anything, and that suited me. I have lots of little tasks around the home, including three small painting projects. Well, make that two itty-bitty ones (putting color on two feature walls) and one medium-small (beginning to get rid of the ugly green on my deck and the lattice work that covers the under-deck area). I've been putting these off for a long time, and it will be good to get them done. Or in the case of the deck, it will be good to have it started, as it will likely take me two or three weekends to complete it.

Then I have several organization projects inside the house, too, so if it rains too much, I can pretty much stay in and still be busy. I also need to bathe and trim The Kids. So, my weekend is filled and busy.

And then ....

At the last minute, several people have decided to have get-togethers this weekend. Of course, all of them are on Monday, and the overlap is unmanageable. I need to decide which one I will go to. I won't do more than one because they are all pot-luck style, and I'm not going to cook several dishes! Besides, one free-for-all-food-fest in one day is enough! I'll probably do the singles group because it was the first to be announced and it is the latest in the day. That will allow me to have Saturday and Sunday to do tasks, then I can cook early Monday before going.

And now .... I have to go to work. I really, really hope today goes by faster than the other three have this week.


  1. We get to spend our long weekend moving one of our daughters back home. She lost her job and can't afford the apartment rent. So, at 7 AM on Labor Day we get the truck and start the fun.

    Until I read your post I had forgotten this was a holiday weekend..for some folks!

  2. Oh gee, Bob, that sounds like such a fun weekend! But it is good she has a place to hold her safe until she can get fresh start. It's just not easy for many people these days.

  3. You are probably still suffering from shock and that manifests its self in all sorts of different ways. Just try to take the weekend steady.


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