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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Icky day

Today was a stinko day. I was in a fibro-fog from the get-go. I just couldn't seem to move as fast as I needed to. But I've been through enough of these sieges that I know the only choice is to change my own expectations and slow my pace, cause the ol' body ain't a-gonna do anything else.

The day was very challenging. Mentally, I was slow as molasses. I would look at something and know I needed to look at a file in the computer, but by the time I placed my hands on the keyboard, I'd forgotten what I was looking up. That happened not just once, but about 30 times, at least. I just couldn't keep my thoughts together more than a couple seconds.

Physically was, if possible, even worse. The muscles in the back of my legs, all the way from my ankles to my buttocks were having spasms. It felt like someone was grabbing them and squeezing them, stretching them and almost shredding them with every step I took. Geez, it was miserable.

I was walking to the other building today and had a start. There is a little lizard that scurries in front of me several times a day when I make that walk. I've become used to seeing him, as he seems to be defying death under a huge foot! But today as I walked down the gravel path, just as I stepped down one of the terraced steps, a snake slithered out of my way! GAH!! I detest snakes!  It was a small, harmless one, but I got the shivers, nonetheless!

By the end of my day, I was really looking forward to putting on some sweats, getting some herbal tea (a special mix for FMS), and snuggling on the couch with the pups. I was even thinking how good a nap would be. I changed into sweats, but before I could go farther with those steps toward comfort, I started to put my cell on the charger .... only to find it was not in my purse. I checked here in the house and in the truck, no luck. I called a coworker who lives in my direction and asked her to look on my desk for it. Then I asked if she would bring it to a intersection on her way so I didn't have to go back for it. She couldn't find it!

I was about to call Verizon to report it lost, and I cleared my head as well as possible. Then I drove the 17-18 miles one way back to work to look for the phone. Why? Why did I not just wait for tomorrow? Because if I happened to drop it outside, the rains would ruin it. By this time most if not all coworkers would be gone from the office, so no one to check for me. sigh.

There were some thunderstorms not far away, so I scooped up Jazi, my little thunderstruck baby and took her with me. She loved going for the ride! Of course, the other four were glaring at me from the deck! I couldn't sort out who else to take, knowing I definitely couldn't take Max who gets carsick, so I just took Jaz.

When I got to the office, there was my phone on my desk! I know now she was probably looking for a "cell phone" not a "smart phone." I didn't think to tell her it was different.

I'm glad to be home and to have completed the rest of that comfort routine. I'm almost ready to go to bed. I'm going to take a pain pill. Something I rarely do. But I need sleep.



  1. Sleep is good. Tea too. And dogs as well. I can empathize with both being forgetful and becoming frazzled with stress. I think I could use a dog sometimes to help me get a grip. Sleep doesn't help and I don't like tea.

  2. I do so hope you are feeling better soon! I'm actually having a bit of it too and I know it's stress... drove too long yesterday and had to find a park and get set up in the dark and then today the weather turned... tonight it's chilly. Today we searched out the graves of some family members and I was surprised that I cried... wasn't expecting that.

  3. That's a BIG fear of mine, losing the smart phone. Glad it was safely found. Sounds like your bod could use some electrolytes for them cramps. Take care!

  4. My secondhand experience with fibro leads me to believe that relief through sleep is not a given for you either. So here's hoping the pain pill worked. Sending out a prayer.

  5. I'm sure the stress of losing your phone didn't help the fibro. Hope you managed to get a good night's sleep and that you feel better today.

  6. Dave, you'd better get a dog! If you don't like tea and sleep doesn't help, the dog is your only salvation!!

    MM, yep, that ol' stress will do it every time. About the unexpected crying .... when I'm not feeling well, the emotions get really heightened. gah.

    Bob, the electrolytes might help a little, but not significantly. The cause of fibromyalgia pain is quite different from the athletic type. But thanks for thinking of it!

    LC, the pill did help. I slept really well and woke feeling much better today. Not out of the woods yet, but I'll take ANY gain!

    SVB, no, I'm sure that was a factor. Any stress adds to the icky formula.

    Thanks everyone!

  7. Oh what a stinker of a day. I hate that feeling when everything seems to slow down inside me, but not in the world outside. Do you think the medication is involved?

    Duh to your colleague. But I agree, it's hard to see things if they don't look like you expect. Oh dear, I hope tomorrow is better!

  8. Jenny, no medication was to blame, because I take only minimal meds when needed. I woke with the fibro-fog. As "tomorrow" was much better. I'm still having symptoms, but not nearly as strong, and the fog seems to be mostly lifted, thanks.


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