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Monday, September 19, 2011

Nice evening

The singles group got together tonight for a dinner. I am really enjoying being part of this group. We ate and talked for a couple hours. The food was really good, and I enjoyed the conversation a great deal. These are mostly bright, articulate people, some are deep enough thinkers to make conversations interesting, and while I don't agree with everything everyone says, no one is making un-thought-through rants. Even the occasional political discussions are rational and calm, so the content is interesting and informative, not-in-your-face arguments. Wow, that is pleasant! I dislike hostile discourses about anything.  I live in a county where the majority of opinions are largely different from my own views, so having this kind of opportunity is very exciting and pleasant for me.

We were able to eat on the deck, as the evening was very mild. By the time we finished dinner, the air was cooling off a bit, I'd guess it was probably about 65-68. It was still pleasant but it was tie to move in. Even I, who prefers the cooler weather, was feeling the coolness. But it was a pleasant, soft fall evening before we migrated.

After dinner, we played a game. Have you played "Buzz Word"? I had not played it before, and it was a lot of fun! It turns out I was very good at it, and that always makes a game a lot more fun, doesn't it? Anyway, it was a very good time, full of considerable joking around and silliness. I really haven't laughed so much in a long time.

Something that is very appealing to me about the group is that it seems everyone is there honestly for friendship, rather than looking for a "dates." I guess there was one couple who dated a while then broke up. Neither has been there since I've been going, but apparently, they are each out of town and plan to come back. It's just nice to be able to be friends, without worrying about being misunderstood. Lots of good friends, both male and female .... exactly what I wanted.

Well, I'm going to kick back a while with The Kids before time for bed. I've been away from them much of today, and I think some mom/pup time is in order.  :)


  1. Sounds like a lovely group. As a single woman recently retired to a new place, I envy your group and wish I could find one like it.

    Playing the occasional party game is not just for kids. I have a daughter with in-laws often invited to dinner; we play games now and then and laugh and get silly and it's totally wonderful.

  2. June, they are a good group. It was a bit difficult for me at first, going into a group of people I didn't know before. But after the third event, I'm becoming very comfortable and really enjoying them.

    I joined the group to make new friends, especially men, although not for the usual purpose. My previous circle of friends includes many women and couples, only a couple single men. I want to have some friends to do things like go dancing; have a friend or two who I can call on to be my partner at dinners or events that are more couples-oriented; and just to balance the male/female energies in my life. I think some of these gents might work for those purposes.

    I keep posting about the events, I'm sure. Stay tuned!

  3. You are so lucky to have found a group that you enjoy Lyn. That's not always easy. I've been here for 30 years and have yet to find a group even in my own church, where I get along with the people. Maybe I'm just a loner or loser whatever!!
    Glad you're enjoying yourself and we've never played that game before.
    Love Di ♥

  4. That Buzz Word game intrigues me as we sometimes play word games and haven't found a good new one in a while. That's nice that you're able to mingle with your peers in a casual setting. And that's great they keep it restrained. So many people I talk to are very opinionated and strident in their beliefs.

  5. Finding a good group is a gift. Especially when it's not a "look for a date" thing. Just people enjoying each other's company.

  6. Diana, I read one time that is you have something like 5 "best friends," the grown up version, not the new-best-friend-every-day of kids, in a lifetime, you are very blessed. I think you're pretty normal. As for this group, I'm very lucky to have found them. They all seem to be decent people, and that's what I need. And that game .... very fun! It's definitely an adult game, not because of naughty content, but because many of the references are things from several decades ago.

    Dave, look into the game! I'll bet you like it. People's opinions, oh, my. I was raised that you don't ask about people's politics or religion, and you only discussed those things with very close people. I'm pretty moderate w/left leanings, and I get weary or angry, depending on my mood, with people from either side who go on and on, are pushy about their views, etc. A good discussion or even debate, if it's not personal and venomous, is fine, but that's as far as I'll go. And you're right, there are many who can't stay in the restrained area. Thank goodness for these nice folks. Let's hope it stays nice during the next year.

    Linda, exactly! I just want to have some good friends. If something grows out of one of the friendships, so be it, but I don't see that happening. It's all good. :)

  7. How lovely that you have found a group with whom you can become friends. 'Dating' always gets in the way and when it doesn't work out you lose the companionship of all the other people as well as your special date.

  8. Is that a game that Jake and I can play together or do we need more than two? We like to play board games and such. Love Di ♥

  9. Friko, dating is rather overrated, I think! Even thinking back to my previous dating years," the good relationships came out of friendships first.

    Di, yes, I think it could. It is probably more fun with more, because when two teammates holler out different answers at the same time, it gets very funny, but I can see it with just you two.

  10. Such pleasant connections are a boost to every part of life and shared silliness and laughter is priceless!


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