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Saturday, September 17, 2011

And here's Lyn's side of it ....

Well, Jazmyn had her say about yesterday. Here's my story.

Yes, I took her to work to be sure she was safe after her latest escape.

Jaz was amazing at work. She simply sat or laid at my feet, mostly dozing through the day. When someone came in the door of the building, she greeted them, and returned to my office. My office is right inside the door. Some days, I'm the only person in my building most of the day. There is one other that is is perhaps two days a week, and three others that are in just an hour or two. It is a very quiet environment, and that worked well for having Jaz there. I had a couple visitors dropping by, and Jazi was the perfect greeter-dog, welcoming them in with a wag and a grin (doggy gins, tongue out and eyes bright). One of my building-mates came in for a couple hours, and Jaz followed her to her office and sat under her desk for a while.

I walked to the other building several times through the day. Jazi just trotted along with me, pretty much at a heel. Twice she veered off the path to potty, otherwise her only sidetracks were to smell pine cones or wildflowers or rocks(?). And while we were at that building, she was well behaved, saying hello to everyone, only occasionally needing to be redirected to stay with me.

She would be the perfect "go to work" dog, and would probably be an excellent therapy dog, as well. However, I can't take her every day. On occasion, yes, but not daily.

When we came home, I stopped at the little store. I didn't feel like cooking, and I was hoping the owner had something comforting to bring home. (She does lots of baking, but her schedule is irregular, and she doesn't do much at a time to avoid waste, so sometimes she is out of everything near the end of the day.) I was elated to learn she had just made a couple chicken pot pies! These are regular 8" pies, so I'll get several meals out of it. And it was exactly what the doctor ordered for me last night!

While we were there, a group of bikers stopped and came in the store. The annual Aspen Fest Bike rally is this weekend, so there are thousands of motorcycles in Ruidoso. Everywhere you go in the county, there are bikes on the roads. Well apparently this group had tasted Dorrie's pies before and they stopped to get one. However they wanted pecan or apple, and she had none. She promised to make several for tomorrow, and they said they'd be back for one of each.

As this is going on, Jazi is running around the booted feet of these huge bikers (why is is most bikers are BIG dudes?). A couple had reached down and petted her. One guy just watched her run around with a puzzled look on his face. He saw me watching him, and he said, "Lots of little dogs are freaked by this many big people around." I said Jaz never met a stranger with two legs, although she might take on a four-legger much bigger than she. He said dogs reflect their owners' attitudes, so he guessed I was OK, too!  LOL! I told him I've learned that many bikers are retired or near-retired bankers and doctors and lawyers and accountants, and few are to be feared. He grinned and said "Yes, ma'am, but we like to pretend we're tough."

Upon arriving home, we could barely get in the gate because of her siblings clamoring around her to sniff the smells she brought home! In fact, not one of them greeted me! They all followed her around for a good five minutes, and you could almost see in her face that she was saying, "I got to go to work with Momma, ha ha ha!!!"

And she was as tired when we got home as you could imagine! Those pictures of her in the previous post .... yep, that's how she spent most of the evening, whether in that chair, on my lap or beside me on the couch!

Today I will begin searching for the place she escaped, although I'm very uncertain I'll find it. Two quick walks around the perimeter gave me absolutely nothing. Hopefully slow, rattle-the-chain exam will be more revealing. Wish me luck.


  1. Perhaps you should have named her Houdini! :)

  2. To bad you can't take her every day. She sounds like a plus to the place.

  3. Judy, that's exactly what I called her back in the summer when her escapes were at the height!

    Merikay, no one has said I can't, but all-in-all, it is not the most efficient thing. There are times when I leave the office to go to clients/patients homes. I guess I could leave her in the car, but it doesn't excite me.

  4. I'll have to go back to read your previous post Lyn. It's been a busy weekend. It sounds to me as though Jazi had this planned all along! What do you think? As for the bikers, my husband always says that only retired professionals can afford to ride them anymore!
    The pot pie sounds good. I may have to whip one up this week.
    Love Di ♥

  5. Di, I really enjoyed the pot pie, well, actually, I' still enjoying it! She makes them just perfect .... it is creamy, but it doesn't run all over the plate when you cut it. She used to have a catering business, and she is an excellent cook!

    As for Jazi .... grrrr. I just don't know what to do with her or about her. For now, everyone will be locked in the house until I figure out what is going on.

  6. Perhaps Jaz's escape was to let you know that she'd be a 'perfect' take-to-work dog?

    Seems like the two of you had a few interesting adventures.

  7. Friko, you could be right about Jazi's intent!


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