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Sunday, October 02, 2011

My life

I must have lost my mind. Seriously. I'm going on a trip to visit Caroline, and this is the weather where she lives ....

Pay particular attention to the 7th through the 10th. That's when I'll be at her house. Correct that statement. That's when I'll be IN her house!!!

Holy shilosky, Batman!!!

I've said before that I like cold weather, but I'm not quite ready for it to be that cold! I'd like to ease into winter, please! Caroline, you'd better get the fact that I love you!!

Last week Little Snot Jazmyn got out again. I came home once more to find her sitting in the ditch out front waiting for me. I was totally dismayed, because this meant she was now getting out of the back yard, the last bastion of security. I got her into the truck and drove up the driveway to the house. That's when I saw that all three of the boys on the deck, a place that it was impossible to be, due to the major security I've put on the front dog door! And I said out loud, "WTF????" Well, I said the words, not the letters.

When I got to the deck, I discovered the screen on the window from the living room to the deck had been popped out. Clearly the determined, formidable and totally exasperating Miss Houdini Jazi had put her tiny but mighty little body to work and  got'er done. She is determined, crafty, exasperating .... and totally loved, in spite of my yammering.

The good part of this is that I can easily lower the windows to the lowest notch, and she can't escape. Thank goodness this happened late in the year when the weather has cooled enough that the house won't overheat. I lower the blinds on the west side of the house to block the sun, and it remains very comfortable in the house. The bad part is that with me going out of town and leaving the pups with the sitter, I'm going to have a degree of unease while I'm gone. Dang it. I'll be having a very serious talk with the sitter tomorrow or Tuesday. We already talked briefly at a social event on Thursday, but we will cover it in serious, eye-to-eye, swear-on-the-Bible kind of way.

I had a little scare with the furnace this morning. No, not that kind of scare, no gas escaping, but a scare that seemed to have dollar signs all over it. When I bumped up the heat early this morning so I could stand to disrobe and hop in the shower, it didn't come on. I checked it and the pilot light was out. I got all the necessary things to relight it and got on the floor. Now understand .... this thing is a booger to light. When I put the match in the hole, the drafts inside tend to blow out the match about four out of five times. It's a royal pain in the butt. After several tries I got it lit. Hurray!!

But then the furnace wouldn't come on. I turned the thermostat to 85° and nothing happened. I was distraught! I'm getting ready to go out of town, and I could hardly leave the sitter here with a non-working furnace. Even if he said he didn't need it, a totally possible thing, I would want it checked for safety before going. The thought of what a repair or, god forbid, a replacement would cost, and especially the timing, had my stomach in a twist.

I sat for several minutes, considering what to do. Then I went back to the furnace and checked it again. The pilot light was still on. As I sat on the floor staring at it, I noticed that I had forgotten the final step .... I didn't move the lever from "Pilot" back to "On." As simple as that!! I switched it, waited about four seconds and heard "whoosh" as the burners ignited!! Woohoooooooo!!!!!! Saved at the flippin' 11th hour!!!

I live such a crazy life. Not much in it is earth-shattering, but it is often unpredictable and .... exciting. I could do with less, uhmmm, excitement, to be honest. I really could.



  1. I have tried to warn you that I now live in the Tundra. At least you are getting here before it gets really cold and snowy. Me on the other hand is loving this cooler weather and the chance for snow this week. I can't wait and how cool if you were here for my first snowfall!! Can't wait to see you at the end of the week.

    Glad to hear that the furnace is nothing serious. Our furnace has been making some noise and I think that we are afraid to call because we are afraid to hear that we need a whole new system. And heat up here is something you have to have.

    Oh...and I love you too!!!

  2. That Jazi sure is a little stinker!

    Ha Ha! My word verification is: dog ire!

  3. We can't trust the forecast that far ahead. best to just cross fingers! :)

  4. I hope you are taking some long johns on your visit to Caroline. Brrr, too cold for me.
    Glad you got the furnace running and I hope you've blocked Jazi's escape route.

  5. Caroline, I'm not that worried, but as I said, it is nice to ease into winter a few degrees at a time!! Worse things have happened in my life!

    Judy, that verification is funny!!! And probably just perfect for this post!

    Now, Jenny, maybe over there i England, but our US forecasters nevr make a mistake! BWAAAA ha ha ha ha!! Yes, I'll cross fingers.

    SVB, oh yes!! And layers, too!!

  6. Ya gotta love those antics! They give us a giggle just like forgetting to flip a switch....makes the day interesting.

  7. Gosh Lyn, life continues to throw you curves. I am so glad that Jazi is reasonably contained because that can be really stressful. I'm wondering how I will be able to function with hubby out of commission, and the prospects are none too good. Enjoy your trip to visit Caroline, try not to get too cold.

  8. Nan, her antics are beginning to wear thin! I'm sure it will be more laughable down the road .... when the escaping has been corraled!

    Moni, it certainly does, all of us, as you say. Your challenges are certainly bigger than mine, and I hope your hubby is better soon. I'll enjoy the trip, I'm sure, now that the weather is cooler and windows can be closed to keep The Kid in! It does usually work out.


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