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Sunday, November 27, 2011


It has been a very nice, very lazy weekend. I hate to see it end, to be honest. I have done little to be productive, but I don't really care! I simply enjoyed it!

I ran across this blog post when friend linked to it on FB.

I am quite impressed with how this expressed something that is an uncomfortable issue for many. I get tired of the emails and posts that seems to imply that I'm quite "right" if I say "Happy Holidays," rather than "Merry Christmas." It's as if we are deemed heathens if we say anything other than "Merry Christmas." Well, I for one, will continue to say 'Happy Holidays." I also say "Merry Christmas." It depends on many factors.  Here is a little thing I wrote and posted on FB:

Yes, it is still OK to say "Merry Christmas." I will also say "Happy Holidays"!

When I say "Happy Holidays," I'm certainly remembering Christ. But in my mind, "Holidays" includes all the seasonal Christian events, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are certainly observed by us all in this grouping). I'm also including my friends who celebrate other  holidays at this time of year: Hanukkah, Kwanza, Soyaluna, Winter Solstice, Las Posadas. I'll admit I don't actually know a Hopi, but I threw that in for fun! The others .... yep, I respect and honor my friends around their holidays as well as they do mine. 
So forgive me for having a different view of this. I treasure my friends of all walks, and I will continue to say "Happy Holidays!" to everyone.

So what's your take? Are you a "merry Christmas purist" or are you more ecumenical? Are you tired of people being disrespectful or are you tired of being corrected?

Here is a second, related issue: I'm weary to death of Christmas. No, I'm not being disregarding of Christianity or of Christ; I'm just worn out with the gaudy, over-commercialized, time-abusive, and greedy ways that it is celebrated. If we could get back to the quiet, reflective and homey celebration of Christmas that I remember from earlier times, I think I'd feel differently. As it stands now, I am beginning to seriously dislike this time of year.

I love Thanksgiving because it doesn't require gifts, costuming and scaring people, buying greeting cards, inundating people with candy (even if it is chocolate!), or loud noises. It is focused on family and friends, our relationships, not our pocketbooks, glitz and trying out out-gift each other and top the year before!

Christmas began on a bad note, in my opinion, when the church decided to place it at a time of year when pagan celebrations were taking place, and many pagan practices became part of the remembrance of Christ's birthday. Unfortunately, it has gotten worse over the centuries. My favorite part of Christmas has always been the Christmas Eve services at church, children's programs, singing Christmas carols, and simply being with the people I love. Well, so much for that!

Sorry, if this seems like an angry rant. I'm really not angry. I am disappointed that as a society, we have allowed ourselves to be led down this road. It is especially disheartening to me that in the current economy we are still unable to get control of our appetites and tell Big Corporate America to STOP IT!

Do you think this can change? Or are we too far into this to back away, to return to a simpler way of celebrating this holiday? Do you want it to change, or do you like it the way it is? Do you think I'm just a raging nut? Oh, wait, forget that one, cause we all know I am!  ;)


  1. I for one say to people "have a great Thanksgiving" then "Merry Christmas" after TG then Happy New Year after Christmas. I agree with your thoughts that Christmas is totally out of control. Like you, I wish we could just get back to the celebration of the birth of Christ. But I don't totally blame big corporate America for what is wrong. They are just answering the call of the public. If people did not shop like crazy, then BCA would not be able to advertise. It is a vicious circle.

    Actually we have rebelled. We used to have so many presents under the tree that it took up a huge portion of the living area. It also left us with charge accounts to pay on for months.

    Then we discovered the REAL reason for the season. Spending dropped, worship increased, helping the needy increased and life is so much better.

    I believe that many people buy, buy, buy to fill the emptyness in their lives. They have missed the message. IMHO

  2. Wow...what an awesome post!!!

    Just like you it depends on who I am speaking to when I say either Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas.

    I so agree with you about the whole concept of Christmas now. When I was little I remember that time of the year being very peaceful for people. Now that I can finally celebrate the holidays, I feel like Christmas today is not what Christmas was like just 20 years ago. It should be a reflective time for us and sadly now it seems like people are only interested in what gifts to buy.

  3. I don't think it matters how we say it, if someone objects, too bad. It's their problem not mine. Christmas is way overdone, and I don't like it. I read many stories about the world trying to get back to a simpler life, and that all of the problems with the financial markets is the start of it, but I don't see everyone being on board with that, just a select group that wants to "simplify" their lives.

  4. I agree with you. I tend to say, "Happy Holidays" as a greeting because I also include the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Years. I have no idea why people want to make a big deal about the greeting I use. I find it quite judgmental when people make such a big deal out of not saying Merry Christmas.

  5. Sometimes I say Merry Christmas and sometimes I say Happy Holidays.

    I have simpified Christmas. My Christmas is a quiet, relaxing day with family. We do not exchange lots of gifts and don't participate in the frantic shopping and spending.

  6. I say Happy Thanksgiving day and Happy Hanukkah after turkey day is over with..because it usually falls before Christmas day..we usually celebrate both, but our only child is in NYC and we sometimes get to the big Apple and see and be with her, otherwise we are in Seattle visiting her on a full 10 days of enjoyment, peace and love..I like to think that everyday is thanksgiving day, hanukkah and christmas wrapped up into each day, when we think of our fellow man and help them in anyway we can isn't that the essence of all the holidays, love for our fellow man and in essence for our God whatever religion follows! Happy Christmas & Merry Hanukkah and Loving, peaceful 2012 new year's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I use both depending on the situation. When dealing with the unknown i say Happy Holidays to include all religious celebrations. If i am around those that i know to be Christian I will use Merry Christmas and God Bless You.

    I also agree that Christmas is over commercialized. Although we do a Christmas light Show every year which is our only extravagance for the year. My husband enjoys programming the lights to music and it keeps him out of trouble. We usually have a charity that we accept donations on behalf of to help out where we can.

    Over the past several years due to financial reasons, Christmas has been pared down to next to nothing (other than the light show) which has given more focus to the Reason for the Season. Some of my most treasured presents have been ones that did not cost a dime, were hand made and came from the heart.

    What is really bothersome to me is that our schools are forbidding our children from exchanging anything .. cards (except Valentines), candy canes, greetings. Last i knew this was AMERICA Which was founded on Christianity where we have freedom of speech and currrently still have IN GOD WE TRUST on our money. What is this telling our children... don't say anything keep your mouth shut, do not defend your beliefs because you might offend someone. Is this why texting is so popular because no one can over hear them?

    On another tangent ... how many College Essays will contain OMG, LOL, TTFN ETC..? Our younger generations are going to loose verbal communication skills (unless Schools make Speech / debate classes mandatory).

    We as a Society need to dial back on all the POLITICAL CORRECTNESS BS and open dialog, Debate get to know each others differences lets get back to community.

    Sorry, you probably did not want all this but this blog did hit a certain spot.


  8. DJ, some interesting thoughts, but rather than respond here, I'm going to post again later. :) Stay tuned!


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