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Friday, December 02, 2011

Winter Flora Fauna & Fog ... and other good and lazy stuff

Yesterday was an interesting weather day. I woke actually too late to see the sunrise, unusual for me. But shortly after the sun rose .... or I guess it did .... to a thick, heavy fog. I could tell the sun was up because of the amount of light outside my house, but I couldn't see it. We get these fogs occasionally, and they always amaze me.

It was cold as stink. Well, OK, maybe not that cold, but the temp was 17° and the moisture in the air made it bone chilling. There was a very thin layer of ice on every window of my truck, frozen so hard that I couldn't make a dent in it. I started the engine, cranked the defroster all the way up, and came back inside for a few minutes. When I went out again, I was able to scrape it off. I'm glad the side irrors have a defroster in them! I wish all the windows did, as well.

The drive to work was slow. The fog was still pea soup thickness, so I went slow. And although the roads didn't look bad, I felt a tiny bit of slipping under my tires as I started up the mountain toward Ruidoso. I moved to the inside lane and finished the uphill trek there. I normally hate it when people drive in the left lane like that, but when that is the lane without ice .... Well, I broke my own rule.     

On the way home from work, about 2:00, everything was a wonderland. The fog was frozen on the trees. Yep, what you see is not snow .... it is frozen fog!

Then I spotted these just off the side of the road. Four does and a buck elk were grazing. I have elk here, but I rarely see them. I know they visit my property because they leave their "calling cards." But they stay out of sight most of the time. I was delighted to have an opportunity to get a picture or two.

This lady was totally unconcerned that I had stopped the truck.

This one watched me carefully. Even though it looks as if she is not looking, her eyes were never off me.

Oops! Just as I snapped this, she ducked her head for another  bite!

"Oh! Did you want a picture? Sorry! Is this better? You're welcome!"

And HIM!! He wouldn't turn around! He just Kept looking over his butt shoulder at me!


Two more of his ladies.

I'm poised to snap, and OF COURSE he ducks for a bite!

Then he hid behind those limbs!

OK, finally!

Wanna have a little drive in the fog?

This one is short, and it ends when I turn onto the gravel road that takes me home. It is rough, so I had to turn the camera off. Actually, I don't notice the roughness so much, but the camera on the dashboard made it evident! Right at the end you'll hear some clicking. It's my keys clicking against the steering column as the road becomes rougher!

And close to home I just had to take these pix of the icy flora beside the road.

Over night I got about 5-6 inches of snow. I really thought I would get twice that. Nevertheless, I made a decision to stay in as much as possible for the weekend. So far, it has been totally possible! I've had a delicious day. I stayed in bed till noon! Read and had several cups of coffee, then fixed breakfast and returned to the bed to eat it and read some more.  Since I got up, I've putzed around the house and got some things done, but I haven't broken a sweat! My kinda day!


  1. What magnificent creatures and how lucky you are to see them in that beautiful frozen fog ( even though it's not much fun to drive in) !

  2. Frozen fog is pretty, but staying home warm in bed on days like that are a sure winner!

  3. Just beautiful. In Wis, we call it hoar frost, I don't know why. Loved the animal shots. I had a lazy day today also, need them once in a while.

  4. I was just going to say..we call it hoar frost here too......must be a northern thing eh? Glad you had a relaxing weekend - about time.

  5. Thanks for taking me on a ride home with you. It was beautiful. I love it when the trees are coated with frost. It can be dangerous for driving though. I felt perfect safe with you at the wheel. ;)

    Enjoy the weekend.

  6. Hey, ladies, that can't be hoar frost! I live in a good neighborhood! LOL! No, I know it is called that, even down south.

    And the elk .... oh my yes! That are truly magnificent!

  7. BTW, RET .... the drive was probably as safe as it could be. I was only going about 30. It was just too thick at places to go any faster.

  8. What great pictures. I love frozen fog and how pretty it makes everything look.

    Your day sounds very much like ours and I even got a nice nap in this afternoon.

  9. Lovely Pics ... Stay warm!

  10. Thanks, C & B! The day was warm and cozy, for sure!


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