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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Age-based discrimination. Seriously!!!

OK, let's just look at this .....

I have Medicare and a pretty good tie-in or supplemental policy. I haven't had to fork out any co-pays, except on my medications. Most of them are a $7 co-pay and I have only one regularly used prescription, so that's nothing to speak about.

But here's the thing that has me going right at this moment. It astounds me that Medicare doesn't cover certain things that are very important to most of us as we age. They don't cover eyeglasses. How many people over 65 do you know that don't have to wear eyeglasses? They also don't cover the exam for glasses. Now, to be fair they are covering my eye exams for the problems I'm having with floaters and monitoring the viscous fluid in my eyeballs. It still seems strange that glasses aren't covered.

And hearing aids or hearing exams .... same thing. The large majority of us have hearing loss, but none of that is covered. I could certainly use one. I'm nearly deaf in my left ear. I'm not sure I could wear one, not because of vanity, 'cause I really don't care, but I can't stand something in my ears. Ear buds? Nope, I can't tolerate them for more than a few short minutes. I have to use the kind of "listening devices" that fit outside the ear.

And today was the most ridiculous blow of all. I went to the drugstore to pick up my colonoscopy prep kit (yep, the happy day is Friday). Didn't think much about it until they told me the co-pay was $68 and some change!!!!! WHAT??? The full price was $80-some-odd and obviously the insurance covered around 25% only! Now look, we are told we must have colonscopies at this age, but the prep for it isn't covered fully? Holy cow!

What sense does it make that the things we most need are not covered or minimally covered? It's not that I can not pay the $68, but just that it's ridiculous!! I understand the financial justification of the insurance companies .... since we all need these things, they are saving a ton by not covering them or pushing them into the higher co-pay groups. But still ....

It's old-age discrimination, I tell you!!

Then after I got home, I had another unhappy realization. I need to shave my legs before Friday! DAMN!!!!! Yes, people, I know "they" don't care if my legs are shaved, but I do.  This is where my vanity comes into play, not on the hearing aid. My dirty little secret is that I haven't shaved my legs since, oh, about October!! I'm just glad I thought of it today, 'cause it's gonna take me two days to shave!!


  1. We haven't reached the Medicare age quite yet. Its right around the corner. Can't wait...NOT. Oh I should probably shave my legs before we leave for AZ in a couple of weeks. Have a 'blast' on Friday!!!

  2. MM, "Have a blast!" REALLY?!? LOL! Yeah, OK, I'll try!

  3. I was also suprised by the cost of the pre kits I picked up for Craig and I today! $62 each. We have a part D plan, so this goes toward our yearly deductables, but I thought about seniors who are on tighter budgets! $62 is a lot!

  4. I was also suprised by the cost of the pre kits I picked up for Craig and I today! $62 each. We have a part D plan, so this goes toward our yearly deductables, but I thought about seniors who are on tighter budgets! $62 is a lot!

  5. I've found that I have less hair to shave as I get older. I like that.

    Dental work is the one that gets me. Nobody ever says a word about the cost of dental work. They can charge what they want and believe me they do. I have dental insurance but many people are not so lucky. It's been proven bad teeth harm your over all health.

  6. When Hubs and I have had our colon checks it has always begun with a referral to the surgeon that does the procedure, made by our PCP's. At the surgeon visit, they schedule the procedure and give us the prep kits. We've never had to purchase them!? It surprises me to know about a different method!

    Good Luck!!!

  7. Merikay, exactly! I am willing to bet lots of folks just don't have it done.

    Linda, you're right about the hair, but still ... LOL! And I forgot about the dental. Yes, not only does our dental health impact on everything else in our bodies, but There is an automatic problem with shrinking gums as we age. Unavoidable, and opens the door on the dental issues wider.

    Meowmomma, this is my 3rd, and I've never had it handed to me like that. It makes a lot of sense, and I actually wondered today why this isn't the practice.

  8. I'm very familiar with your issues. Well, actually my wife is because she works for customer service for a large health system here and she hears from Medicare patients regularly. So I know how true all of that is. How about dental too. That's an issue right now with my parents as they don't have dental coverage. They say you may spend less on some things as you get older, but plan on spending more on health care.

  9. Well of coarse you need to shave before Friday. You and I were raised right. We bath or shower before seeing the doctor, so it would only be natural to shave before a procedure. I shaved and plucked before mine!!
    As for the insurance and all that, it's so frustrating. It just disgusts me.
    Hope things go smoothly Friday Lyn and I do mean that literally!!
    Love Di ♥

  10. Dave, it's all further roof that growing old is not for the faint of heart!

    Diana, I did, of course! And at this time, things are "going," and it's fairly smooth, but annoying!!

  11. LOL! I never shave my legs because I don't really have any hair on my legs, but then once in a great while I will notice that I have enough there that I should pay attention.

    Thankfully, we have great secondary insurance, but it only pays if Medicare does. I have been to the doctor so much and in the ER four times since my fall. I have no idea how much my bills are going to be. I dread when they start rolling in.

  12. Um. I would add that it is also class discrimination against the poor, working class, middle class..anyone who is not wealthy.

    I mean, look at some of the shit that has been going on in Congress, wanting to take $ away from Medicare but cut taxes for the rich.
    Well, Medicare may be for the retired older folks but it affects us middle aged folks too. Because how the heck are we supposed to save for retirement if we can't expect the social safety net of health care??

  13. (M)ary, good point. I don't know where it ends, but I'm often weary of being part of it!


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