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Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm back to having trouble writing here. I've started a post twice and deleted both, because after a few sentences, I just didn't know where to go next. I think it's about the eye thing from yesterday. Well, probably linked with several other things going on, but this is like the last straw, ya know?

I'm still not terribly worried about it, but the idea that my eyesight is at risk sits in there back of my mind like a flea that takes a nip every so often.

I got to work and was having some trouble getting things done for a little while after I got there. Then I spoke with a coworker and friend about business and then suddenly I was unloading. She helped me refocus, weigh my situation and put some perspective back in play. I'm still a little ill at ease about it, and I suspect I will be for a while. The thought, even a vague possibility, of losing sight is something that kinda bites your butt and clamps on for the duration. But I felt a little better. Honestly, the rest of my day was highly productive. I was still thinking of it, but I kept busy and got a tone accomplished.

And the weather was amazing today! It was around 60° and totally beautiful. I frequently walk back and forth between two buildings at work, and it was very pleasant to do so for a change. When weather is icky, it is not fun. There is a pretty steep hill with a terraced gravel walk between, and in bad weather, well, it stinks. So I was happy to be outside in the fresh air. I think that helped my mood, too.

And how was your day?


  1. So sorry to hear about this eye business... I'm praying it heals itself and you won't require surgery. I too get those little floaters once in awhile and have been forewarned to get myself to the doctor should I see the shadowing or haziness. Hang in there!!! Sending {{HUGS and HEALING VIBES}}

  2. Sending thoughts and prayers for your eye. I suddenly had spider webs (giant floaters) in my left eye when I woke up one morning. The opthamologist wound up using laser to "build" a fence of scar tissue to keep more floaters from developing. That wasseveral years ago and I have been fine but past due for this year's checkup. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and me.

  3. mel, me, too. But I figure we all go through various things from time to time, and I really think Ill be fine. Many are praying and sending energy, and I swear, it seems better already.

    LC, I like that, "Keeping my fingers crossed for you and me." Me, too!!

    Thanks to you both!

  4. My day was crap. I still feel like it too!! I hope that your worries turn out to be nothing Lyn. I know how awful it is to have to worry about ones own health and our sight, well thats just scary!
    Love Di ♥


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