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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little better today

OK, back from the big medical appointment. All is well. Or  all is reasonably well.

My retina is in place and attached. Whew.

I have a floater in the vitreous in my right eye. The vitreous has pulled away from the retina at the back of my eye, but has not torn the retina. This will give you a better explanation than I can possibly produce.

Bottom line, I have to be rechecked every 5-6 weeks until this resolves itself. The hazy spot in my vision is the floater, a piece of material that is loose and floating in the fluid inside the vitreous. Chances are the floater will shift out of my line of vision, but when is anyone's guess.

So, I'm not out of danger, exactly, but it isn't an urgent thing. I feel better. I'm a bit wrung out from the 3 hours in the car and nearly 3 hours in the doctor's office. But that's a small thing. The bigger thing is that this hangs over my head until it heals itself or a retinal tear occurs, necessitating surgery and hopes for not costing my part of my vision. But not something I can afford to lose sleep over, so I won't. Hopefully.



  1. Glad to here this good news. It's always good to catch things like this early. Now, settle in for a good night's sleep.

  2. Thanks, Linda. I'm headed there is just a while. I'm a bit wrung-out!

  3. Scary stuff, hoping for your sake that it resolves itself without surgery.

  4. Thanks, Teri. Yeah, I hope surgery can be avoided, too. The words "eye" and "surgery" used together is not something I like to hear.

  5. Glad it wasn't anything too serious. That kind of stuff really freaks me out.

  6. You know I was telling my doctor before this surgery about the black floaters I have been having in my eyes lately and he mentioned this to me. I have to see the eye doctor too. BLAH!! I am so sick of doctors, sick,sick, sick I tell you!!
    Isn't getting older fun? Gotta worry about this and that and the other! Jeez!!! I'll say a prayer for you Lyn that this doesn't get more serious. Love Di ♥


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