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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm a little nervous this evening.

I've been having a minor problem with one of my eyes. Hard to explain, but I've had a small area in my vision that is a bit hazy. Since I know I have the beginnings of cataracts, and this is similar to what I described to the doctor, I wasn't too worried. I've had this for a while, and it comes and goes. Recently, the hazy spot has been consistent. It's as if I have something in my eye causing a fogginess in a tiny area or a little smudge on my glasses.  It's not bad, but it sometimes interferes with reading, particularly in the evening when my eyes are a little tired, anyway.

I haven't worried. It isn't new, just more persistent. Today I mentioned it to my boss, a nurse. Without a hesitation, she said to call the eye doctor. I kinda did the "uh, well, OK, I will" response, and she said, "No, when you go back to your office, make the call." Hmmm.

I called the doctor's office, explained the situation and was asked if I could come in tomorrow at 10:00. I asked if it could be Thursday so I could arrange someone to come with me (at least that eye will be dilated), and she said "We'd really like you to come tomorrow."


When I made the first appointment with this doctor, it was a three month wait. When I scheduled the second one, it was six months down the road, and we still had some negotiating to find a workable time because her schedule was already about half filled. And now she wants to see me tomorrow?

Not liking this. I'm not terribly concerned, but definitely not happy about this whole thing.

I'm hoping it is just a precaution and it is not something serious. But in the meantime, keep me in your prayers. And yes, I have a friend who is driving me down and back. 

I'll let ya know.


  1. Worrying for you. I think it might be that they're considering a detached retina. I think they are usually easy to treat with lasers. Have to be done fast though of course to avoid further detachment and best to avoid bangs to the head meanwhile - as if you wouldn't avoid them anyhow. Good luck!

  2. Prayers and best wishes for years and years of unobstructed vision. Cataract surgery is quite uncomplicated these days, if that's the issue. But it's probably better not to put it off, whatever it is. I have regular trips to the eye doctor now and last time he said he wanted to see me sooner than last time. I worry too about my vision. And I DO not like those new-fangled light bulbs.

  3. I could swear I responded to your comment, Jenny, but obviously I didn't hit "publish" or something. Anyway, you can both see in the following post what the result is.


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