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Monday, January 02, 2012

Exhaustion ....

The last few weeks have been exhausting.

Work has been hectic. Nothing awful, but there has been tension because of new employees being trained and everyone shifting this way and that to cover until new folks are competent and carrying their own weight. That sort of scenario always leads to tense workplace relationships. This has been rugged because among those who are "tense" are the upper echelon, leaving us all feeling disconnected. Sometimes simply getting an answer, a clarification, a definition isn't possible, and that leaves one feeling like a ship without a rudder, just drifting without a sense of control over where to go and how to get there. That stinks, let me tell you. I think it is about over, but it has been rough for about two months.

Then on the personal side, I've been busy. Actually I've been overly busy, but I didn't realize it until the last few days. I should have declined a few invitations, but it just didn't occur to me to do so until now! In the last four weeks I've attended eleven (yes, 11) potlucks and three dinners! I ran out of creative ideas of what to take to these dinners! Yesterday a friend asked me why I didn't just fix the same thing for several dinners, and I reminded her that unless the host wishes to keep the leftovers (and most don't), you wind up with them at home, and I get seriously tired of eating the same thing for a week, or in this case, weeks!

I'm highly hopeful that I'm now into a new era! Yesterday I said on FB that I planned to spend today in a fetal position in bed or on the couch with my Kindle. That was not a joke. Well, the "fetal position" part was, but not the doing-nothing-all-day-long part. And so far, I'm succeeding! The only "work" I've done is to feed the dogs and myself. I'll water the plants later. That might well be it for this day!

On the coffee table in front of me is a stack of fourteen books, mostly history of New Mexico or Lincoln County. I've switched back and forth a couple times already between the "real" books and the Kindle. That's how I tend to read. A friend asked what I'm reading. There is not a easy answer, because I typically have four to six books going at once. Depends on my mood as to which book I'll read at any given time, so currently have 5 books open and partially read in Kindle, and three of the books on the table have bookmarks in them.

I'm already feeling more rested. I slept very soundly last night, and giving myself permission to do diddly-squat today seems to be a good balance for me. I wish I could stay home a few more days and continuing this pattern, but like most of you, it's back to the unreal world of the workplace tomorrow. With any luck, the tension of the past weeks will be reduced with the holidays behind us. I certainly hope so. I like my work, but I've found myself dreading going in recently because I don't know what to expect on any day. Say a prayer for me.

That said ....

Happy New Year 
to all of you!

I think it's gonna be a good one! I truly do!


  1. I'd like to know which books you're reading about New Mexico?

  2. Well, Kate! Here is a list of most of the books:

    Trail Dust: A Quick Picture History of the Santa Fe Trail
    Small Town Magic
    Lincoln County War
    The West of Billy the Kid
    The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid
    Billy the Kid, A Short and Violent Life
    New Mexico
    Illustrated Life and Times of Billy the Kid
    Puebloan Ruins of the Southwest
    Old Forts of the Southwest
    It Happened in New Mexico
    New Mexico Places and Names
    Roadside History of New Mexico
    Tularosa, Last of the Frontier West
    Exploring the American West, 1803-1879
    The Tale of three Cities
    Fort Stanton and Its Community
    Roadside History of New Mexico
    Salinas Pueblo Missions
    Otero Couty & Tularosa Basin Quiz book
    Ruidoso Countryside: The Early Days
    Chaco Canyon, Center of a Culture
    Voices from the Past, Lincoln County Historical Society
    A Photo Book of Old Carrizozo
    Historical Increases in Woody Vegetation in Lincoln County New Mexico
    Ancient Cities of the Southwest

  3. Your post today reminds me why I enjoy retirement so much. It was only after I'd been retired a while that I fully realized how much tension I'd been under. Hang in there. Tension is the pits but it does seem to hang around most work places.

  4. Hang in there at the job, take deep breaths and x off the days until you can retire. The sooner the better. Good luck with it all.

  5. I hate to work in a place full of tension. I hope you return to a stress-free work place. I also hope you feel rested.

  6. Yes, jobs often stink. This one actually doesn't, but the fact of being down key employees and training replacements throws a monkey wrench into it all. I expect it will smooth out soon. Thanks for the warmth.

  7. I'm so glad you had at least a day to recharge your batteries. Sometimes we just have to do that! Doing nothing is really okay. I'm glad, too, that you sound like you're in "a better place"! I may not comment much, but do think about you! Hugs!

  8. TYR, thanks. I do feel more rested, and today is my "late day," so I'm still in bed, so it's even better! I have no significant plant for the next several weekends, so all is good!

  9. Sounds like a blissful day being able to do nothing, just read. These types of days don't come along often enough do they?!

  10. I hope the working day has been less tense than before the holidays.
    Just treat yourself occasionally to a good day off and you'll find the others easier to bear.

    Happy New Year, Lynilu

  11. O.K. I'm back! Happy New Year to you too Lyn and I do hope you're right about it being a good one.
    I'll say a prayer for your job. Although I'll bet things will be less stressed here soon!
    Love Di ♥

  12. Sharla, the day was, indeed, blissful. Very healing! I loved it!

    Friko, yes, things are better. I'm catching up on rest, and life is becoming more normal. Whew!

    Di! You're as on-again, off-again as me these days! Thanks for the prayer. It is getting better. Love ya back!


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