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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Doing for others

Doing things without recognition

There has been a number of recent posts on blogs and FB about doing things for others without claiming the actions. It's all in the holiday spirit, of course. I'm all for it. I think it does us a lot of good to do nice things without letting anyone know. When I've done this, I've felt a special "tickle" inside. I love watching or hearing about the response of the recipients. I feel that we should all do kind things as a routine, not because we want accolades.

Then there is the matter of doing your job and doing it well, whether the job is a paying job, a volunteer position, or a task on a committee. I don't expect to be fawned over for doing my job. I don't mind helping coworkers who are in a bind trying to get a job done with too little time or struggling with some aspect when I have the time, knowledge, ability, expertise or whatever to help them complete it. When I do that, all I want is "Thanks." I don't expect a fanfare. That's just what a person should do for another.

I believe we should "do for others" any time we can. I believe that is the "right" thing to do. And I think the reward should be mostly inside, the pleasure of doing, rather than needing the strokes from others. And honestly, I kinda like the smug feeling of having that little happy secret. That's my reward!

When others take credit

Then there is the other side that irritates me. I sometimes do things to help others for the simply pleasure of doing it, and I really don't expect or even want to be acknowledged. But then someone else grabs credit for it. HUH?? What is with that?

I've seen situations where I or someone I know does an anonymous nice thing, then someone else steps up to take credit for it! Or I've helped a coworker with a project, then when (s)he is told "Good job," seems to forget the help and simply beams over their own success!

Have you ever had a supervisor who gives you assignments which involve your time for research or particular skill or knowledge you possess? You do the job, turn it in, and the next thing you know that supervisor has submitted the work, YOUR work, as his/her own.  Did you ever do a good deed quietly, then a "friend" is told "That sounds like something you would do. Did you?" and that "friend" doesn't say yes but also doesn't deny it?

I will never stop doing "good deeds." I won't quit being available to people I work with for overwhelming tasks. I'll continue to help friends or strangers who need it, and I won't toot my own horn over doing things that simply need to be done.  That's just how it is. And I won't expect parades in my honor for little stuff. But I refuse to think kindly of people who snatch someone else's little jewel in the crown.

It hasn't happened to me recently, and I hope it doesn't often again.

What's your take on this? Do you have an experience to share?


  1. Boy do I know the kindness of others after this past 4 days with Sassy missing local vets offering prayers and our police officers looking for her. Local Businesses looking out for her the radio station announcing her missing. Everyone offering prayers and good vibes for her safe return.We need good deeds to keep the evil out. If other people need to take credit for something they did not do I feel sorry for them. Bobbie in Pa

  2. I can't think of any particular situation Lyn. But I do feel that we should help whenever we can however we can. I truly believe that is why we are here. To help each other make it through. It's that simple.
    Love Di ♥


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