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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Pretty drive home tonight .....

Usually my drive is NNW with mountains between me and the sunset, if it's late enough for sunset anyway. But tonight I was in Capitan, so I was driving almost due west and had a good 10 miles to the mountains, making the sunset viewable.

The peak is Nogal Peak, which is almost behind my house.

That is a working windmill and it was getting a workout with the wind today.

The colors were awesome as it grew darker.

Not Nogal Peak, but just a fairly small hill on the way home. If you remember pictures taken from my deck, this hill is often on the far right hand side of the shots.

Interesting cloud shapes, too.

Road signs in my headlights didn't photograph as well as I hoped, but still interesting.

And the moon was a very pretty crescent up there as the sky became deeper blue.

Isn't that pretty?

Yes, I do love living here.  :)


  1. I love sunsets. We have had some nice ones recently, but there are so many trees to our west that it is hard to see. I'm really looking forward to having some better views when we are RVing.

  2. love a good sunset! Sadly, this time of year in Michigan, the sunsets are hidden by the gray, or like later today, the snow! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Beautiful Lyn. And I can't get over those colors, gorgeous. You must have a decent camera. I don't think mine would get those colors so vividly.
    Love Di ♥

  4. Although New Mexico is known for its beautiful sunsets, I actually don't see them all the time either because I live on the eastern slope of the mountains, so much of the beauty is blocked. What I normally see is still gorgeous,but it is the color reflected on other mountains to the north and east of me, and it is more soft and subtle. That's why this was such a treat for me, too!

    Di, my camera is very good, but this was actually taken with my cell phone! Yep, it's good, too!


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