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Friday, February 17, 2012

That darn word verification

To repeat something from my reply to comments in the previous post:

I apologize for the word verification mess, but for now, I'm leaving it in place. In the past, every time I removed it, I had serious garbage spam within a few days, some of it very nasty and vile in content. If it seems others are doing OK with it after a while, I might try removing it. I regret that some of you might choose to not comment, but life is about choices, and I get it. And those of you who opt to slog through and make comments, thank you!

I would guess that those evil entities out there who leave spam comments have figured out ways to circumvent the old style of word verification, encouraging Blogger to take another step to protect us. I personally appreciate it, even though it is a pain. Many of the spam messages I received were on older posts, but I was glad I caught them fairly early. Honestly, they were bad enough that I wouldn't want your to be subjected to them.

In the days before I went back to work, it might not have been a big deal to watch for spam comments and deal with them quickly. Now, however, I don't have the chance to check often, and I would absolutely hate it if some of those were posted all day before I get home to remove them.

So again, I hope you will continue to stop by for a visit and leave a message for me. I love your comments. But I understand, too, that it is just too much for some. So, till another time, love, peace, and happy commenting!

On another note, just a little update on a previous post.  I heard from one of the friends who had drifted away. She called me tonight. She said she wanted to put things right after reading the post. I didn't even know she read my blog! Now I'm glad she does, because she said that she has just been dealing with some junk in her life and didn't want to burden others. We now have an agreement that neither of us will do that again. And we are having lunch tomorrow! Hurray!

A fourth friend read that post and projected herself into it, although I didn't have her in mind at all. It is sad that it happened as it did, but that can happen, I suppose.


Have a good'un, y'all!


  1. I never have had a problem with spam. I don't use word verification, but I approve all comments before they are published. I don't know why blogger got so crazy on this latest change. It really does make it difficult to leave comments.

  2. This word verification stuff has been driving me crazy since Blogger made it even more ugly. I end up typing at least three times before I get it right and I am trying to be so careful! I do have my blog set that any comments on posts more than 10 days old must have my approval before being published and that helps catch the old ones. Although, in all honesty I have not had a huge problem with spam.

  3. I took my word verification off, and not have had any problems. The word verification is a pain, and I hope google does something to make it a little easier to read. Have a great weekend.

  4. I think my blog may be "flagged" or something. Several years ago I posted something totally innocent but a word or phrase I used turned out to be a seriously icky porn site! for a few days following that I was getting hundreds of hits every day. I followed through my tracker and found that when people tried to go to that site, they were being directed to mine!

    Tabor, I have mine set that way, also. When I get spam it is usually vile, honestly. I get a few hair replacements, etc., but most are things I don't want to even mention, and I'm not a prude!

    RET, I'm considering doing the approval thing, too.

    Thanks, MM! You, too.

  5. It's been driving me nuts and others have found it hard to deal with too so what I am doing is setting my preferences to having it only on posts that are more than 14 days old, and to enable comment moderation.

    Then I can just delete all the rubbish, I hope. Unless I get too much of it. In the end I had do disable comments completely on my other blog becuase people were trying to sell their junky products. That blog was under a different system though, not Blogger.


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