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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Don't you wish you could have my life?

 When I am heading to bed each night, I plug my cell into the charger in the kitchen as I walk through. I leave it on the counter overnight, my routine for a long time. Last night, as it did so, I remembered that the night before I had taken the charger into my bedroom because I needed to have the phone close overnight, and it was still there.  I continued on toward the bedroom, and I saw ....

The charger and cord were on the floor in the doorway.

Oh, crap.

I picked it up and found the cord was slightly chewed just above the plug to the phone. Maybe, just maybe it would work? Then I saw another place halfway down the cord that was definitely mangled! Arghhh.

I turned around and looked at 5 dogs who had been following me to the bedroom. I held up the cord and said, “Who did this?” Sam immediately ducked, his head almost on the floor, and began slow-motion walking away from me! AHA!

But no! Sam chews up shoes (leather) and elastic (bra straps), but not cords. I quickly said “Sam, it’s OK, buddy. I know it wasn’t you.” He looked hopeful and I repeated it; he relaxed a little. OK, who else chews stuff up?

 Lolita eats paper then leaves weird looking poops in the back yard, but she doesn’t chew cords. Hmmm.

Joey and Max aren't chewers, period.

And then I realized that four dogs had been with me in the living room for a couple hours, all sleeping while I read. Who wasn’t there? JAZMYN! She has been on the bed sleeping earlier. The charger was on the nightstand. AHA and EUREKA!!

I looked at Jazi, held out the cord and said “Jaz, did you do this?” She looked at me, a picture of innocence, wagged her little tail and pranced right past me as if to say “Me? Oh no, I’m the perfect kid, you know!”

Yeah, right, and I’m the queen of England.

I bought a new cord for the charger this morning.



  1. Oh, but they are all so adorable!!! I don't think I could be cross with any single one of them, just want to cuddle them. What little sweethearts.

    Plus, you know what they say, if a dogs got to chew, a dogs got to chew. LOL.

    Glad you got your new charger and loved your detective work!

  2. They're just wondering why you don't leave goodies out for them more often!

  3. Glad you got a new charger. I guess you will never really know for sure. Jazi does a good job, playing poker face!

  4. Thanks for the reminder that I best not leave my cords where Boston can get them. He already chewed up a cord to the bird bath outside. My husband thought he had it so cleverly hidden under pavers, but Boston found it and chew it through in several places. Such fun. That Jazi!

  5. The right one will never confess! They are so cute.

    Blogger has changed the word verification system. I am leaving the following message on any blog I usually leave comments on. Nothing agains you. I will still read. I have already tried twice to post this. I hope it will take the next time!

    "I will continue to read your blog, but I am seriously considering not leaving any more comments. . It was hard enough when I had to descramble one word, but now that blogger is asking for two it might be too much trouble unless I feel my comment is very important."

  6. I loved this post. You are such a tough interrogator! Ha!

  7. I just love the way you write! Thank you.

    I hate the 2 word verification thingy.

    Mike and Dee

  8. Folks, I apologize for the word verification mess, but for now, I'm leaving it in place. In the past, every time I removed it, I had serious garbage spam within a few days, some of it very nasty and vile in content. If it seems others are doing OK with it after a while, I might try removing it. I regret that some of you might choose to not comment, but life is about choices, and I get it.

    Other than that little niggling issue, thanks for stopping by!


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