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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Funny ice

I was noticing that the snow and ice was melting of the truck, despite the below freezing temperatures.  It is melting and forming icicles like this ....

And while I was taking that photo, I saw this ....

That is a couple sheets of ice that apparently slid down the side of the truck and somehow caught there!

And now it is snowing again!

Oh, well!

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  1. Brrr! Even though I moan about our hot, humid weather, I suspect I am not a cold-weather fan, especially since stroke. The negative tone that makes my left side curl up is worse in cold weather. I made the mistake of eating ice cream and then visiting a relative in air conditioned hospital room tonight. The combo popped my elbow to 90 degree angle and when i tried to straighten it, it would pop up again and migrate into my lap. Cold weather does the same as well as making left hand tighten into fist.

    Even so, I appreciate your braving the weather to document the "icecapades" on the truck, especially your new ice shelf.


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