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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Plans are made to be changed

I was supposed to have a visitor tonight, a friend for a short visit and overnight stay. He was on the way home from a reunion. This afternoon he called and said he had to bypass because he needed to get home post haste. Long story short, he had an impromptu interview while he was at the reunion, and he needed to get home to send his letter and other information and it has to be there tomorrow morning! So he was high-balling it home. Can't say I blame him. I'm pretty sure I would do it as well.

I was a bit disappointed, but there was a definite up side to this. Because he was coming, I busted my butt yesterday to get all the housework done so I could just relax and visit. Therefore, I had today all to myself, and no housework! I must admit, I normally take two days to clean unless I have something I want to do. Maybe I should take a lesson from myself, and get busy every Saturday! 

"Back in the day," I cleaned 2500 square feet in just 3-5 hours, and it was spotless. So on Saturday morning, I was a whirling dervish, and you'd better damn well stay outta my way, as my husband learned. Then I played the rest of the weekend. The trouble with that scenario is that I'm, hmmm, let's see, that would be 40-42 years older now! Yeah, 'nuff said!

And I had a wonderful day! First of all, I'd thawed a chicken, so I put it on the rotisserie, basting with butter, garlic salt, pepper, and a little green chili seasoning. I'd also taken out a couple ribeye steaks, not knowing how my friend was with chicken. They weren't thawed yet, so I stuck them back in the freezer. I baked a potato with garlic and salt rub, made a small salad, and fried some apples. Lawdy, lawdy, lawdy, it was good! Oh, I was distracted, and I overcooked the apples, so they became carmelized apples. Oh, yum! Even better than the original plan! My friend should be regretting his need to rush home, just for the food alone!

I really enjoyed the day. I sat on the deck in near perfect weather. My hammock chair was sooo comfortable! I read, I played on the computer, I talked on the phone with my daughter and a couple friends. For a short time, there were some light sprinkles, and since I was sitting under a tin roof, the pitter-patting was so soothing. The hummingbirds have arrived, not in full force yet, but a half-dozen or so visited the feeders while I watched. The temperature was in the low 70s, with just a wee bit of a breeze. Goodness, it was so nearly perfect! I enjoyed that nirvana for a bit over three hours. I'd love to do that every week. No, every day!

I'm getting weary of advertising. I find so many ads offensive. K*ohl's talks about shopping as if it were a mega sport. V*W wants us to clean out the garage for their new car. Disn*y says a vacation at their place is the ultimate family experience. Hmm. OK, spending money is a competition? We can't all afford new cars. Or have garages. And I am hokey enough to believe the ultimate family experience is a Friday night with a board game. Oh, and no text messages. With talking. In the same room. I'm not sure why this is niggling at me at this particular moment, but it seems that most ads are over the top. I'm tired of having "spend, spend, spend" shoved at us, and the "go, do, don't be still" is offensive to me. OK, the TV goes off. Right after The Good Wife is over, of course. I have my priorities.

Hey, y'all, have a beautimous week ahead!

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