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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Strange night time stuff

I'm having one of those weird and irritating nights where I fall asleep and after a few minutes, wake with a bit of a start. There doesn't seem to be anything particular on my mind, as the first thoughts have been very random. They've been about work, household tasks, the fun I have planned for tomorrow, er, make that later today.

I finally got a pad of paper and did some lists of the things on my mind, hoping that would allow me to release them and get some sleep. Then I was wide awake! I decided to make good use of the time by starting one of the tasks. The dogs thought I was crazy as I began to clear the top of my night stand and organize the drawers in it! They sat on the bed and watched me with puzzled looks!

I found something in one of the drawers that I didn't remember putting there. It is definitely out of place. My advance directive. I'm not sure why it was there. I probably brought in to the bedroom to look over and instead of returning it to the filing cabinet, stuck it in the drawer. I spent a while looking it over, made a couple of minor changes. It's in good shape, I think.

I have included some essays and poems that I like to help my family narrow down what to include in a memorial service. I thumbed through those and found one I'd forgotten about. It struck me as something rather significant tonight, not just for a funeral, but for living life.  What do you think?

One atom of carbon has no real value.
Combined, they form dazzling diamonds or charcoal lumps.
It all depends on heat intensity. 
People are the same.
Alone:  Meaningless.
Combined, we form a friendly community or a colony of hate.
The choice is ours.
We can live as if life’s a lump of coal
Or let God’s light purify and transform
Barriers of fear into diamonds.”

The Rev. R. Robert Cueni, Country Club Christian Church, Kansas City

Pretty cool, huh?


  1. Really? You really want to know what I think...? I don't think so!

  2. Life, baby girl, it's just life!

  3. Denial...that's all I'm saying! TL

  4. Denial? You? cough, cough.



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