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Friday, June 08, 2012


IT'S THE WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lawdy it has been a hellava week. The work situation is a roller coaster. Things get better, and it feels like it's going to be alright, and there is a sudden jerk to the right, turning the car  I'm in almost on its side, and about the time I think I'm going to fall out on my head, it rights itself again. I usually stay out of the fray and remain calm, but occasionally, that roller coaster whips by, closer than I anticipated, and the tail of my shirt gets caught in the train, and off we go!!! That's life. I'm OK. Yes, I really am, I'm just tired from the speed and the curves of this week.

Next week will be better, right? Right? RIGHT??????


~   ~   ~   ~

I'm glad to be home with The Kids. And I'm really glad I'm here, because there is a wildfire in my 'hood again. Like the one last year, it is far enough away that I probably don't have to worry, but there are no highways twixt me and it! We are getting smoke tonight, nothing like the smoke from the Gila fire, but enough to make my eyes burn. This is from the webcam in Ruidoso, and that pillar of smoke is between my place and the site of the photo. My home is actually to the left, near or possibly even beyond the edge of the photo.

As you can see, the smoke is mostly staying high, so we aren't coughing and gagging. Still not pleasant, however.

The fire was caused by lightning on Monday, and was contained at about 100 acres. Today, wind kicked up and it jumped out of the perimeter of containment. I don't think it is much larger now than before. I talked to a friend who works for the Forest Department, and in the fire department, and she said it is not a worry at this time, and she doesn't think it will be. The nearest structures that might possibly (and only possibly) be effected are in the area of the ski run at Ski Apache.

Anyway, I'm glad I will be home with The Kids. I don't know that I could be at work and them here.

~   ~   ~   ~

I'm doing nuttin' this weekend. Oh, I'll clean house and do a little work outside, but I'm sticking close to base and going to try to rest a lot. If the smoke isn't too bad, I may spend part of it on the deck in the hammock. With lemonade. And the Kindle.  [BIG BROAD GRIN]

Whachudoin' this weekend?


  1. So sorry about that fire and surely hope it stays far away from you and the kids. Work appears to be stressful, hope your weekend is peaceful. Hugs to you Lyn. I have no special weekend plans, just tv and kindle:) BUT, it's all good!

  2. I hope your weekend is good, Moni. TV and Kindle were on my list, too, but now .... I just don't know. This situation went from "watchful" to "fearful" in just a matter of hours. It's really hour by hour now. I think I'll be just fine, but that waiting, watching, wondering mode isn't any fun at all. Peace.

  3. Sorry again that I've been away. I've been catching up on your smoky photos. Very scary! Jake is home right now and I rarely am online when he's home. I will check back again Monday or Tuesday. I hope all will be better by then. I am getting ready to watch the weather now. See where the fires are still going. Love Di ♥


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