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Monday, June 04, 2012

Well, I'm back. Finally! Every time I got ready to post something, I was interrupted or sidetracked with this thing or that one. Really, how dare life get in the way of blogging, for goodness sake!

While I was at work today, there was a nice rain. I was more than happy! I got home, and if it rained here on the other side of the mountain, it was very little. I couldn't see any sign of it. Rats. Then a while ago, the wind kicked up and blew for a while and I thought, "Here it comes!" Nope. sigh. We really need a decent rain. I'm hoping that the 30% to 40% chance overnight really happens.

A couple weeks ago I scattered some wildflower seeds. I've been watering them faithfully; I think I missed one day in that time, and I watered them thoroughly. Once they sprouted and popped up, after watering, the little 1-3 inch seedlings would stand up, perky and proud. When I'd get home the following day, they would be wilted over, so sad. I water, and they'd rebound again .... and on and on. I know what they need is some rain water! If you think about it, wildflowers get nothing but rainwater. So, C'MON RAIN!!! I really want to get them established, then I can just water minimally in the ensuing years. But this year is critical in getting the start they need.

~      ~     ~     ~

Just a few minutes ago, two hummingbirds were having a serious tête-à-tête on the deck outside the front door! Now, there are plenty of nectar in the feeders, but apparently, they both wanted the same one. They were  all over each other, flying here and diving there, and one of them managed to sorta corner the other just 6-8 inches from the deck. They stayed in that position for several seconds, until the dogs discovered what was going on and came to check it out! Yeah, they both took to the sky quickly!

~      ~     ~     ~

Is everyone having weird weather? It seems to me it has been hotter than usual for the last month. I haven't looked back on stats, but here's the deal .... I've had to use the air conditioner many of those days, something that I usually didn't do until mid-June in the past. Temps in the mid- to upper-80s have been almost every day since the first of May. It isn't horribly hot by some standards, but for this area and at my altitude, it's not right. So .... is your weather "normal" this year? If you reply to that, state your area, OK? It'll be interesting to see how many and where the conditions are off the usual patterns.

~      ~     ~     ~

I spent Memorial Day weekend taking the next level of the Healing Touch training. Well, Saturday and Sunday. I slept a lot of Monday sleeping, resting, putzing (very little) and sleeping some more.  I hated missing some of the fun events, but it was worth it to have the training. I have two more intense weekends this year, then I have a year to document 100 sessions with clients before I can take the final course and become fully certified. I am enjoying the training so much, but even more more, I enjoy the practice session with friends, other students, etc., where I am able to see the results of the interventions. Another good thing is that I can do this for myself. I'm working on my fibromyalgia, and while it isn't gone and never will be, I'm able to relieve most of the discomfort. I can at least move about without gross pain. That, in itself, is worth it!

I can not express how wonderful this work is! It brings ease and relief to everyone who receives it. I wish I could do it full time! I doubt I will be able to rely completely on it, especially in this rural area, but I'm going to plan for the best. It is such amazing stuff that I want everyone to experience it.

~      ~     ~     ~

Speaking of fibromyalgia  ....

I recently discovered something. My dogs love to lick me. Now I've never liked being licked over and over and over, but getting a few licks was OK.  The last set of dog I had would give 2-3, maybe 4 licks and that was it. No problem. In fact, it was endearing. But this pack is different. A couple of them like to lick incessantly, the others lick a little more than the older dogs, up to 6-8 times. And I can't stand it. But .... WHY???

Well, it finally made sense. I realized that with the fibromyalgia, one of my worst discomforts is a tactile sensitivity. Almost anything can cause it, at times, such as even the softest clothing touching my skin becomes painful. Tags in the neck of shirts can be excruciating, making me want to claw at my neck. Don't laugh, but the wind hurts sometimes. Really.

And when one of the dogs begin licking my ankle, by the 5th slurp, I'm beginning to tense up, and by the 8th, I'm beginning to hurt. All this time, I've been feeling like there is something wrong with me as a doggy mommy, especially since the older pack got away with it. When I finally put it all into perspective, it makes sense! The prolonged licking stirs up the sensitivity of the FMS! Whew!

Alright, they still can't lick me repeatedly, but it is not because I don't love them enough! I'm redeemed!

I think I may have too much thought time on my hands, what do you think? WAIT! Never mind. Let's move on .....

OK, I'm gonna go now. See ya 'round the corner!


  1. Weather here is nice today. It was rather cool and rainy this past weekend; hope that's not so next weekend because we're going camping.

    And I'm worried then about my patio vegetable garden not getting enough water. They're like your wildflowers--deprive them of water for a day and they lie gasping for a drink.

    No hummingbirds in our back yard but lots of robins, including babies. The little ones fly pretty well but still expect to be fed. One was at the door to our sunroom last night, like I'M going to feed him. Stupid bird.

    1. Dave, it is interestingly enough, cooler here today. Only 77° and a 40% chance of rain. Boy, we need the rain, so bring 'er on!

      The hummers are late arriving this year, I think. Even though we've been warmer than usual, they are still slight in number. I think I have about 10-12 regulars, and I usually have 30+ by now. I hope they come back in numbers soon!

  2. I'm glad you are back! I've missed you! I refuse to comment on the weather...I'll only get in trouble for that one! I don't like my licking dogs either...but they all seem to want to do it, especially after I lotion...Anyway, glad your back! I love you!

    1. Yep, the love the lotioned legs, don't they? Lotion is their sauce on the ice cream! I'm glad to be back, also. I'm not going to say I'll be better about blogging, because every time I say it, I'M WORSE!!

      Love you, too, baby girl!

  3. Well I pressed the wrong button and lost my comment so you may get this twice! I noticed that when I am in pain or not feeling well, Ruby likes to lick me a lot. When I had my knees done, she was always trying to lick them. I was wondering if your dogs sensed your pain?
    Our weather has been unseasonably cool and dry , I'm not complaining as you know how hot and humid it gets here in the Midwest! So I have been enjoying every minute of it. I have had to water a lot more though. We have lots of plants and flowers as well as new grass which needs to be watered everyday!
    Our water bill shows it but we enjoy the yard and how pretty it is so whatever!!
    I'm sorry that I haven't been by sooner Lyn. I took a week off of work because it's been so beautiful outside and have been doing a lot of yard work. Hugs, Love Di ♥


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