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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fire and Fur

My dogs are all “mixes,” Shih Tzu and “whatever.” Except Jazmyn, and perhaps Joey, that is. Jazi is probably full Shih Tzu, and Joey, well, if he is a mix, it may be Pug, because he has some wrinkles, excess skin between his eyes. Sammy is clearly a mix with Poodle, and he actually looks more Poodle, except for the terrific underbite that is so classically Shih Tzu and the tail that curls up over his back. And Max is definitely a mix, but no one, NO ONE can figure out what that is. He looks Shih Tzu or Llasa Apso, but the other part is impossible to figure out. His build is all wrong for ST or AL, but I have not been able to put a breed to it.   To quote the late Yul Brenner in “Anna and the King,” “ It is a puzzlement”!

That leaves one dog, Lola. I’ve always known she was a mix of ST and some sort of terrier. I thought it was Westie, but wasn’t certain. I’ve decided Miss Lolita is definitely part Westie. On Sunday as we watched the eclipse some folks nearby had a little Westie who wandered over to visit us. I took a look at him, and I was certain. Lola has a Shih Tzu tail (curls up over her back), Shih Tzu ears (long and floppy, not pointed and upright like the Westie) and coloring (she is cream colored with fawn markings, not white like the Westie). The rest of her is d.e.f.i.n.i.t.e.l.y Westie! Probably more Westie than Shih Tzu.

I’ve been beating myself up for a couple years because I thought she was overweight. You see, I was comparing her to a Shih Tzu, and they are often sturdy-bodied, but even so, they usually have the slender abdomen. I’ve said before that she is built like a fat sausage! Looking at the little Westie Sunday I remembered how stocky the Westies are! I came home and looked at my little girl, and I realized she has a normal “Westie body.”

I’m so happy to realize that she is not overweight! I’m not a bad mommy!

Speaking of the eclipse, it was awesomer than awesome!  I met with five other ladies and we had a picnic, then positioned our chairs for the show We had solar eclipse glasses that blacked out everything but the sun, and it was breath-taking from beginning to end! We tried to take pictures, but none of us had the right equipment. Here are a couple examples:

Regardless of how good or poor the pics, the experience was wonderful. We played music on car radios, picking appropriate songs for the occasion:  Black Hole Sun, Soak Up The Sun, Ain't No Sunshine, Supermassive Black Hole, Total Eclipse of the Heart, 40 Miles From the Sun, & Champagne Supernova. Then, when the eclipse reached the ring of fire stage, a guy in a nearby car played  .... wait for it, wait for it .... Ring of Fire!

Then this morning I woke completely congested. Ugh. I blew my nose, cleared just enough to barely breathe, and I thought, “That’s good.” I sank back on the pillow to  stretch and wake slowly. Then my eyes popped open as I thought “I SMELL SMOKE!!!!”

I jumped into action! Ran to the kitchen, and this is what I saw outside:

The only difference is that the sun itself was solid red! I could look straight at it with no eye discomfort. The sky was that weird purpley-red you see in the photo. It was very freaky!

I turned on the TV and grabbed the laptop, and I quickly learned that the smoke was not from a local fire, but from one about 200 miles west of here in the Gila Wilderness on the NM-AZ state line. Good grief! Imagine a fire big enough that the smoke travels that far! Later today, my nephew in Lubbock said they are getting a little bit of it clear over there!

Mid day, the sky actually cleared, and we could see the beautiful blue sky. However, by the time I left to come home, 3;30-ish, it was totally smogged in again. As I drove home, I noticed that every car had a strange reddish-gold sheen to it, as the sun was again behind a thick layer of smoke.  blech.

By noon my nose and throat were beginning to feel irritated, as were my eyes. I’d already taken a couple hits from my inhaler, and still my chest felt tight. Gonna be a long night, I’d guess.

For once, aren’t you glad you don’t live here??? LOL! I get it, but trust me, this will pass and you’ll be jealous again!  I’ll let you know when to resume envy mode, OK?


  1. Give your furry babies loving from me! Minnie would definitely fit right in and keep them on their toes! She is fun!

    1. I will! I hope one day they can meet, and hopefully minnie won't feel outnumbered, but just one of the crowd!

      Love you!!

  2. Too bad it took smoke to make the sky so gorgeous. Enjoy the beauty wherever you can, right?

    Adorable dog...well, for an hors d'oeuvre, dog. :) I'm more of a rottie person, but I love all dogs!

    1. Yeah, Dakota, that's pretty much how I look at it, too, but it's easier to say today, when the smoke is only minimal!!

      As for animals, we each have our favs, but like you I see a dog in need, and my heart leaps right out of my chest! I'd have a hundred if I weren't limited. And too wise!

  3. I was thinking about you Lyn when they were talking about the eclipse on the news. I was wondering if you were going to be able to see it. I love how you gals enjoyed the evening. I'd never have thought about the music!
    That last photo really was beautiful with all of the colors. Sorry that the smoke made you uncomfortable though.
    About your babies. They do have blood tests for dogs now that let you know what breed or breeds they are. Although I imagine they are quite expensive and really it doesn't matter as they are well loved regardless!
    I was going to say "Happy Hump Day" when I realized that it's Thursday already! Hope you had a good one. Love Di ♥

    1. Di, it was a great night. I love to be able to share such great things with such great people!

      I haven't checked the prices of those DNA tests because I figure they are expensive. Besides, I don't really care. it's a good source of conversation!

      Love back!

  4. Thank you for allowing me access, it's much appreciated.

    I love the description of your wild night. I'd never have thought of playing appropriate music to go with an eclipse. That's what comes from not having suitable lady friends who go in for such things.

    Just how many dogs do you have? Can you walk around your house without falling over them? Little ones (in size) are so much quicker than big ones and always under your feet!

    1. Friko, I'm glad you're here!

      My friends are a varied group, and I never know what will happen next. Often the one I least expect are the ones who decide to do the most off-beat things. I think that's what makes it all fun, the spontaneity and unpredictability of it all.

      The dogs .... there are 5 of them! And yes, they can be underfoot! max was rescued from the streets, apparently survived by scrounging his food from human discards, and he has a taste for our food; he likes to hang out close when I'm preparing my dinner. He watches very closely, and if something appears to fall (I say appears, because it is often still on the cutting board or cabinet), his nose is immediately on the floor around my feet. And Sam wants to be sure he goes where I do so he is always close at my heels; I have learned to be careful about taking a step backward, otherwise I could fall over him! I've learned most of their quirks and adjust to them. It's worth having their furry little love!

  5. Just checking back Lyn. Since you don't show as a "New Post" on my reader, I'm afraid I'll miss ya!!
    Love Di ♥

    1. I'll be back, Di. Just busy and now resting. Probably this evening!


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