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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June curse

One of my friends commented that June doesn't seem to be my month. Absolute truth!

After being back in my home for three days and back to work for one, I was on the way to work yesterday, for the second time since the evacuation. I drove into Ruidoso, and down the street that the office is on. It was my late day, so I was arriving about 10:30. As I neared the office, I slowed and turned on my turn signal to make a left turn into the parking lot. There was a car coming from the other direction, and I debated about turning ahead of it. I think I had plenty of time, but I don't like doing that, especially since the driveway into the parking lot is a very steep hill. I looked in the rear view mirror and was a vehicle behind me, but a considerable way back. So I waited.

Just as the car coming toward me passed, I was ready to take the turn, my truck was slammed into by the vehicle that was behind me. Thank goodness my foot was still on the brake, and I instinctively pushed it to the floor. After my eyes cleared (you know, that 2-3 seconds when you sorta blank out in an accident) I saw the other vehicle in my rear view mirror. It was a mess.

I put the truck in park and turned off the engine. a quick look at my truck showed the tailgate to be dented and the bumper a bit askew. The other vehicle was a smaller pick-up, and I suspect it is totaled. The man driving was an older gentleman. He said he didn't know what had happened, but he believed he was distracted by his thoughts; he was on his way to have lab work done, to determine if he has to have a 3rd round of chemo. He was very apologetic.

We were escorted inside an automotive shop across the street from my office. The men there were very nice, gave us both a seat, called the police, then went out and directed the traffic around the wreck. There was a Snap-On Tools man there in his truck and he even helped out until the police arrived.

I felt generally OK, but my head was hurting a little. I hadn't bumped it. I was pretty sure it was from my neck being snapped. Old whiplash recurs every time I take a serious jostle. As we waited for the officer to arrive, the hurt in my head began to spread and intensify. When he arrived and began taking reports, I went to the truck to get my ID and insurance, and it was locked! Either the jolt caused it to lock or as I got out, I hit the lock. sheesh.  The guys in the shop grabbed tools and began "breaking in" to the truck. That is no easy job. I'll say this .... Rams are solid and as nearly impenetrable as possible. But he got it done, and the officer got my information.

By now the headache was worse, and I was feeling slightly dizzy and had a couple little waves of nausea. Rats. The officer asked if I wanted to go to the hospital, and I said yes, I probably should be checked out. One of my coworkers was there, a nurse, and when I said I'd get someone to drive me over, she said she thought I should go by ambulance.

OK, I knew I should, but the thought of being strapped down on a hard backboard in a C-collar was beyond my ability to accept. Been there, done that, and it is miserable. You see, I've been rear-ended three (3) times before this! But she kept at me till I agreed. Fortunately, the EMTs checked me out felt I could be transported without the backboard. Whew! Skated on that!

The ER experience was .... well, an ER experience. Long, drawn out, boring. And I was, of course, OK. Whiplash re-irritated and by then, fibromyalgia was acting up. It always does that, after a jolt of any kind. Then I found two friends/coworkers to bring me home, one of them driving my truck, as no one would let me drive. And yes, I shouldn't have driven. I was "a bit off."

My life is ice paks, rest, muscle relaxers, pain pills, anti-inflammatories, good posture, and PT beginning next week. whoopee-doodle-doo. But there isn't a choice. I had a headache most of today, and my body feels like that truck behind me ran over me, rather than into me.

Today it dawned on me that two of the three previous rear-end wrecks were in June. Maybe I should not get into a car in the month of June?


  1. Well June definately isnt your month...however it could have been worse - thank God you weren't rear-ended by an 18 wheeler. Your photos sure do tell the story of the devastation...I'm glad your home is still intact. From now on take the month of June off!!! Glad you are ok.

    1. Ruth, there is always a silver lining, isn't there? Lucky for me, 18 wheelers rarely use this street unless they are making a delivery, as it is mountainous-winding. I'm sore and hurting, but this will pass. Small beans! Thanks!

  2. Oh Lyn you poor dear! I'm glad that you weren't seriously injured and I do hope the gentleman was alright too. I think you should just take it easy as you said. Maybe every June you might consider staying home.
    I liken driving these days to playing a video game. You have to watch out for things jumping out at you everywhere!! Take Care, hope the pain and soreness goes away quickly. Love Di ♥

  3. Di, when I left the hospital, the poor man was still waiting. My friend/coworker who strongly suggested the ambulance told me later that she knew I would be given priority if transported that way vs. driving/walking in. Since I had a neck and/or head injury, she didn't want to take a chance. We all tried to get him to take an ambulance, as well, but he declined. Lesson learned for me. I can tell you that his air bag deployed, as he had some "burns" from it, but if it had not, I think he would have been seriously injured.

    Now to get these muscles under control. Last night was not a good sleeping night for me. I'll be better in a few days. Thanks.

  4. Omigosh Lyn, life is not treating you well, and I am so sorry. Take care dear and be safe. I wish you well, please get as much rest as is necessary to completely heal.

    1. Moni, I overlooked your comment! So sorry! Thank you for the kind words. I'm improving day by day.

  5. Maybe June is a really good month to stay at home and not venture out at all! I am glad to hear you are relatively OK. Get lots of rest and feel better soon!

    1. I've been thinking about a plan to avoid June in the future. What do you think is better: May, May part 2, July; or May July, the Prequel, July?


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