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Friday, June 22, 2012

What's really important

I have a lot of art in my house. Well, actually, I have a lot of stuff at my house, but let's stick with art for this moment. I'm going to share some pictures to prove my point, although the photos are really poor quality. I took them rapidly the night before I evacuated my house. I wasn't worried about the quality; I was making a reminder list for myself, in case I had to list my losses for the insurance company.

Over the past few years I've looked around my house and thought about what I would take with me if I had to leave here, but my thoughts had a different focus. I was thinking along the lines of if my health failed, and it were necessary for me to live with one of my children.

When I left Kansas City, I downsized from nearly 3000 square feet to 1300 square feet. In the five years I've lived in this house I've accumulated more stuff, of course, and I really need to thin it out again. Back to the "what if," I was thinking that if it became necessary to leave here, I would be able to take only a small amount of what I have. After all, I would be moving into their home, probably to a room. I couldn't expect them to put aside their own style to make room for mine.

Well, every time I had this conversation in my head, looking around at my walls, I came to the same conclusion: I can't ever leave this house, because I couldn't choose! I love it all! I've collected fine art and folk art in my travels, and each holds a memory for me. I have art that recalls people and events special in my life. Some of the are reflects who I am. Parting with any would be so difficult.

On Saturday morning, I loaded the Five P's into the truck (People & Pets, Prescriptions, important Papers, family Pictures, and Personal computer). The last was the pets, then I went back up the steps to lock the door. As I pulled the door closed, I paused for a moment and scanned the living room, thinking "Did I forget anything?" And it struck me that when it comes down to the nitty-gritty .... what really mattered was already in my car. Yes, I would miss having the art I've collected over the years, but it wouldn't be devastating.

Isn't it amazing how our thoughts may change when pressured by a real life crisis? I'm glad to know I can move ahead if necessary. I'm also encouraged to get back to another round of downsizing! No the art won't go until the last hurrah, but I can trim my "stuff," for sure.


  1. What great points! Vicki and I have both really down-sized over the past couple of years, but know it will be easy to accumulate more stuff. It always is! We look around and though we don't necessary have much nice furniture or art, we have more than enough to fill our lives.

    1. Dakota, my furniture is mostly mediocre. Some is fun and personalized by my silly painting, but nothing would I risk my life for. In fact, the family pieces have already been passed on to the kids, so what is here is just funky me. The art .... that would be harder to leave, because many of them are pieces done specifically for me by friends. I'd hate to lose them,but I'd move on. As is, most of it would be happily assumed by my kids, I think. Although my style is different, they have admired several pieces.

      Of course, I won't be downsizing art for a long time, but I'm going to look at furniture and closet contents quite seriously!

  2. Lyn, your decorating style reminded me so much of my mom's. She had a lot of similar items that you have. You are right, they are only possessions of which we can always acquire more of.
    Most of my things are from the thrift stores. And yes I do love many of the items. But I have one thing in particular that I would grab if I had to leave in a hurry. That would be my great-grandmothers reverse painted lamp. I've had it for many years and know that it is very old. I still use it.
    There are other more important things of coarse but the lamp is special.
    Downsizing? I've done that before. Don't like it, LOL!!!
    Love Di ♥

    1. Di, my walls and flat surfaces are so full of "treasures"! But I truly enjoy them. Frequently in evenings, I just sit for a while and look and enjoy what I have. It's not just wall decorations for me, but truly pieces of joy!

      Hey, I love thrift shops! I've found some wonderful accents there. Nuttin' wrong with that kind of find!

      As I said above, I've already passed on the family treasures. I purposely did that so there would be less chance of argument later. I don't think they would, but this way, we are all happy!

  3. Hi Lyn, Just stopping by to see if you are alright. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Life can be busy though. Just hoping the Fibro has settled down for you. Hugs to you... Love Di ♥

  4. OK, I am not one to throw stones inside a glass house, or any other such cliche, but seems like it has been a while since you posted. Gosh, not like your life has been crazy or turned upside down by fires or health issues or anything.....*grin* Just wanted to say Hi, and that I noticed. :)

  5. To both of you ....

    I'm OK. Nothing is wrong, just busy. It seems I never get caught up, especially since the fire.

    I'll see if I can't get back to "normal," if that really applies to me!! I haven't even been keeping up with other blogs lately.

    Thanks for stopping by and caring enough to comment!


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