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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Short little post

I stopped at a grocery for a few things as I left town yesterday. The carry-out kid was probably 16, and after putting things in my truck I thanked him. He replied "You have a good evening." I said, "You, too, and have a good weekend." He said, "You have a good one, also, 'young lady', and stay out of trouble." I said" I'll try, but it is hard sometimes." And he replied, "OK, if you get into trouble, be sure to enjoy it all weekend long"!!! I cracked up!! What a cute kid! I thought later I wished I had some trouble to get into!! I love teenagers like that who aren't unnerved into silence by the talking heads of old people!

The sky has been overcast most of today. A few breaks in the clouds allowed enough sun to pop through that I survived it, but I don't like this kind of weather. I've kept busy all day, so it didn't bother me too much. And I got some crazy good tasks done!

Tomorrow, my babies get a bath. Yes, all five. whew. They need it so bad. I hate having to do all of them on one day, but I've put it off and put it off, and they are in desperate need of cleaning. Poor things needs a trim, too, but I know I can't do it all in one day, and the bath seems most urgent. I'll probably trim then next weekend, especially since it is a long weekend.

All this is good, because I slacked on housework for two previous weekends, and now it is T.I.M.E. I have a good excuse for last weekend, with the Healing Touch work on my friend and helping another friend at the Jubilee. The weekend before that .... not so much. Whatever, I really had to get caught up. House, dogs, the whole banana. Poor me! But I'll feel better knowing it is done, and i will enjoy the holiday more.

And speaking of the holiday .... What are you doing?

I'm going to a friend's house. The group I've been going out with for dinner on holidays for several years now has decided it is just too expensive to go out that often. Prices in the restaurants have just continued to climb, and since many of us are on restricted budgets, we are doing it potluck style. We've done this on several holidays already, and it always works out well. I think it will be awesome, as we will probably have around 30 people contributing. Lots of yummies! I'm taking baked yams (I'm not crazy about the candied kind) and my slightly spicy homemade cranberry sauce.

OK, later, y'all!


  1. I spent a few years wishing the grown kids would come for Thanksgiving. They are all independent now, doing their own thing. So for the last number of years we've been going elsewhere, having a good time with adults we care about. This year it's to Kenai, Alaska, to the home of my sister and brother-in-law. My husband loves to cook. He is taking nearly all the food except the turkey!

  2. Have a great Thanksgiving. I hope you are staying out of trouble...well, go ahead and get into a little trouble; it will give you something great stories to tell. ;0

  3. I will be on the road for Thanksgiving for the first time in many many years and not cooking!

  4. Well this is the first year without Ken so instead of focusing on what or who is missing we opened our house and my moms house to my fellow classmates who cant or arent going home. I am also going to enjoy my little break. Bobbie

  5. A discovery via Misty - she doesn't mind a bath/shower provided the water is very warm...... and when I think of all my other shivering dogs in past years I feel guilty. Happy bathing.


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