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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What people say

Yesterday marked an especially wonderful step ahead in my daughter's journey. She's had a rather hard set of tasks to accomplish during the past few months, but it came together yesterday. She was relieved and happy, I was delighted for her. There have been many streams of prayer for her, and she has held her intent and need in the light to receive blessings. And it all came to her, as we knew it would. But knowing it will come doesn't remove all the tension, so yesterday was a huge poof of happiness.

I posted this on FB to her attention.

And this morning, this comment was there:
Come on. Get real. Mother Nature doesn't care a wit about what you need, whether it's hurricane Sandy or the Gaza strip. People are suffering. The Universe (whatever that means) doesn't care about the individuals.

Zowee, powee!  I'm guessing she had a bad day, but holy cow. I didn't tell the story behind why I posted it to my daughter's attention, because I didn't think I needed to. If my daughter wishes to tell the story, she will. It's not a big secret, and it's very good, but it is hers. Besides .... inspiring words are good for everyone and are open to being internalized or passed over, as each reader wishes. I posted it on my own page, rather than hers, because I thought the message was uplifting for anyone reading it.

I've commented about this before, wondering why it is that people do such things. My theory is there are several ways to handle it when people write things on their own spaces that I don't like or disagree with.
1. Read it. Move on.
2. If it is frequent, I can "Hide" that person so their posts don't show up in my newsfeed.
3. If it is really bad, consistently negative or offensive, I can "Unfriend" them. Done deal. (And I "done dealed" a few folks the other day)
But I don't "argue" with the points of view by commenting on their posts. It's OK, it is their page. I just move on. And silly me, I expect others to have the same respect for my comments section! As I said, silly me

So I sent a note to this person:
Wow, [name], this message was especially for my daughter. She has been through a lot, and just had a huge forward lunge. Take it easy, please. Sorry if it irritated you, but in my space, please hold onto negative remarks. You say the universe/mother nature doesn't care; fine, that's your take on it. But respectfully, don't lash out. I do what I can to promote caring for others in need, so can't you give me a mother's moment?

I can't imagine what makes people jump in like that. Just don't understand it. But people handle matters so differently via electronic communications than they do vis-a-vis.

Wondering, have you experienced surprising or irritating or embarrassing or amusing or [fill in the blank] comments on your blog or FB?


  1. I rarely encounter negativity on FB or my blogs but when I do, I typically ignore it. I'm a lover, not a fighter. :) There were a couple of entries by an anonymous poster on my blog a few months apart; the second one got me and I addressed it. You can experience it here I tend to feel sorry for these types of people . . .

    1. I don't all that many, either. Like that one of yours, this one just hit me wrong, because it was like pushing a pin against the happiness balloon my girl spent so long inflating. Just don't get it. Yes, folks who do this, tend to need pity.

  2. Not yet, although i have had discussions and polite disagreements. They usually end openly.

    1. I don't mind those. It's just the mood crushers that irk me.

  3. I've had a few comments where they tried to rip me a new one!! I just chose to ignore them. I write my blog for me!! I am so sorry such an insensitive person, was so upsetting.

    1. Ya know, I guess what got me was that she was stepping on my daughter's happiness, even though she didn't realize it. That ol' "mom gene" was full of rage!

  4. Oh my Lord have you hit the nail on the head! And you know what... at the time I even wished I had your phone number so I could call you and you could "counsel" me! It was just about a week and a half ago when I made the comment about one of my sons and his wife getting their Christmas lists in on time and the other ones, not so much... made all in jest but it let loose the hounds of hell with my oldest who thinks he can say what he wants and the rest of us be damned. His list was in btw. According to him, it was rude and uncalled for. I pm'd him back and asked him to just not comment on my fb anymore because I couldn't remember anytime he had ever said anything nice and he usually ended up hurting me, as he just had; that he should know I would never hurt any of them intentionally. The two brothers got together and I didn't hear from anyone until, being the adult, (they are 39 and 35), I made the move to get a reconciliation of some sorts for Thanksgiving. Always me.... Hubs no support. He doesn't take sides, but doesn't have my back either. I am always suspended out on a limb dangling alone.

    Now aren't you glad you asked!!!

    1. Ahhh, MM, that's the sort of thing I mean. For instance, if I have an issue with something someone says, I address it privately as you did with a PM. So when someone makes a public matter of it, whether it was a joke, misinterpreted statement, or whatever, I personally think it is just out of line.

      I hope this works out for you.

      And BTW, my phone # is listed for friends to see on FB. :)


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