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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wish Tree

I had a great experience today. The local arts theater sponsors an event called "Wish Tree." Non-profit agencies decorate a tree in the lobby. On the tree are cards with "gifts" that can be made to the non-profit to help them keep serving the community. For some that means sponsoring children or families who are receiving services. For others it is about giving monetary gifts or other gifts to help.

I work at such an agency, Ruidoso Home Care and Hospice. We have a non-profit foundation that helps people in the hospice program who have extreme needs or others in the community with various needs for support. We’ve helped pay utilities, purchase medications, buy gas for people to go to specialists in other towns, helped with hospital expenses, and many other nice supports for the families. 

 We've done a tree at this event for several years now, and ours has suggested gifts such as a roll of stamps for our monthly newsletter, educational books, a DVD we use with hospice families, etc., or a cash donation.

Today we decorated the tree. I was a little bit grumbly before starting, because two people who were supposed to help cancelled at the last minute. Their reasons were quite valid, but it left me with just one other person to decorate a huge nine foot tree. I had planned my day based on having four of us to to this, so I had to cancel two later appointments. But we got started, just me and one volunteer, and were having a good time. In fact, we had time to talk as we wouldn’t have otherwise, and I really enjoyed being in her company.

Just as we were finishing up, two ladies who had finished their own tree walked by. They stopped and asked some questions, as this was their first year and the wondered if they'd done their request cards right. We chatted, and they looked at the donation cards on our tree. As they started to walk away, one of them turned to me and extended her hand. I reached out, then realized there was a folded bill in her palm. She said that she admired our work and wanted to help. I took the bill and dropped it in my pocket, asked for her name and address so I could send her a receipt. She said it wasn't necessary. Then she said, "Just say it is from 'Jan.'"

After she left, I reached in my pocket, expecting a $10 or $20, but I pulled out $100! WOW! Back at the office, I gave the money to the bookkeeper after sharing the story with our administrator. How amazing and cool it it for someone to be so generous??? And I asked around the office about if anyone knew “Jan,” but no one did. What a nice gesture, and such a wonderful example of what the holiday season is about.

Thank you, Jan, whoever you are. Your gift is so deeply appreciated.


  1. In spite of hearing nothing but bad news from the big world, it’s the small world and the people in it, who count. There are kind and generous people around, more than you’d ever guess and it is they who make it all possible.
    And worthwhile.

    1. That is so true, Friko. It's easy to forget the good when there is so much chaos. Strange how our attention tends to be drawn by the negative. I've been on a personal mission to focus on the positives around me. Very worthwhile. :)

  2. From LC @

    What positive experiences followed a shaky beginning! Thanks for
    sharing your organization's tree and the afternoon's infusion of
    Christmas cheer and generosity.

    1. My pleasure, LC. As I said above, I'm looking for an trying to emphasize the good events in my life. This one was easy!


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