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Monday, January 21, 2013

Big day

Well, it's all over but the dancing.  What a momentous day!  I didn't get to see it all, as I went to work this morning, but I left early as my energy just gushed out through my feet about half-way through the day, so I watched the end of it after I got home.  I enjoyed the part of the Inauguration I was able to watch.  Lots of ceremony, but I like the comfortable style of the Obamas. It is elegant, yet seems much simpler than many of the events I've seen in the past.

Aaaaand .... we don't have to hear political ads and arguing for another four years. Well, OK, two years on the congressional seats, but the ones on the offset from the presidential runs are usually less vehement.

The other nice thing was that it was on Martin Luther King Day. Many people were able to be home to watch it. I hope the messages of peace and humanity that MLK left with us are heard and internalized during the next four years. Let's hope they carry forward to the future presidential terms, too. I'm noticing a lot of unity in many factions; I'm praying that those factions that are still "campaigning" can find some of the unity, too. We need to be one nation, even with the obvious differences. It is possible. I have friends with very different views than mine, but we respect each other and don't criticize or ridicule each other. It can happen.

I went to work today. I felt a lot better, and I thought I'd try it, although I was not sure I'd make the whole day. Obviously, that inclination was correct. I stayed about half the day and got quite a lot done. I'm glad I did, but I was quick to notice when my steam ran out, and I was just as quick to exit. The good thing is ....  I'm almost clear in my nose, I'm coughing a lot less, and I am feeling pretty good. I'll ease back into work, taking each day as it comes.

I had the guy from D*sh out today to fix a problem. A week or so ago, I discovered that the second receiver in my house wasn't working. I hardly use it. It goes to the guest room and my office. I honestly haven't had it on for at least 6 months, so who knows how long it has been like that. I was going to do some work in those rooms, and when I switched it on, I got nothing but the "warm up" screen, and it wouldn't go beyond that. It turned out to be a simpler coupler type thing. I'm glad it wasn't anything extensive. And I was fortunate to get the nicest service person ever. Really a polite gentleman.

Did I tell you that Jazi got out again? I don't think I did, but she did it! AGAIN! I came home a couple weeks ago and found her out. I was actually on my way to a meeting, and I hadn't planned to come home between work and that, but something made me come home. Boy, I'm glad I did! This time, she was hurt. When I  picked her up, she gave a little "ooph." I was careful with her, but checked her out and didn't find anything that indicated broken bones, no gashes, etc. I was afraid another animal had  mauled her, but didn't find any injuries.

When I figured out how she did it, I was astounded. She climbed up the rabbit wire that surrounds the deck, then squeezed herself through the top of the wire and the railing, a rather narrow 3" space. I located the escape path because some of her tummy fur was caught in the rabbit wire at the top. her tummy fur is a different color than what is on her back. I looked to see where she landed when she fell from there, and I gasped. She fell between seven and eight feet!! It is a bed of rocks, most between the size of a fist and two fists, with smaller stone to fill in. There was a covering of snow, around four inches, but that's not much cushioning!

The following day, she was very sore. I checked her again and found some scratches on her tummy where she scooted over the wire, and her ribs were tender, but I could not feel any breaks or protrusions. She was very mellow! She was back to her normal self in the next couple days, but She was happy to spend her days on my bed for those few days. Once again I'll say my ill-fated words .... I hope she learned her lesson this time! I've filled the space she went through with chicken wire. It was the only eight inch space that wasn't filled. I don't know why I overlooked that little area, but it is remedied now. Do I trust her out there? Not on your life!

I love that the days are getting longer! Yes, I know it is only minimal, but when I get up at about 6:00, it lifts my heart to see a little sunshine already over the mountains. Short days, long nights are definitely not my bag. Here is this morning's sunrise.

It is more light than I see at 6:00, about 6:30, but oh so pretty.

I love these mornings!


  1. Wow it seems little Jazi is the adventurous type!!! I do hope she learned her lesson but I think she might forget eventually. Sounds like she needs a little more adventure at home. I don't know what to suggest. I know my Ruby loves when I take her on walks but Roxy could care less! It's funny the difference in personalities!
    I was able to watch the entire Inauguration.Something I've never done before. It was quite patriotic with a bit of musical thrown in there. I enjoyed it.
    Yes the days are getting a bit longer, I don't have to walk the dogs in the dark anymore!
    Love Di ♥

    1. She wears me out, Di! We go along for months, long enough for me to be comfortable that I've got it all fixed, and then .......

      I'll be glad when the days are long enough for me to get out in the evenings. I'd like to start walking with a couple of the dogs at a time, good for them and for me, too. C'mon warm weather!!

  2. Hi Lyn,

    Thanks for the heads-up on that "phishing" thing. I've been having trouble with my Yahoo accounts lately and then I saw that stupid e-mail this morning. I deleted it, of course, and changed my sign-on password. I hope that takes care of it, but I'm wondering if my computer might be infected with something, maybe the cyber version of the flu that's going around.

    I didn't watch the inauguration. Wouldn't it have been neat to be there in person? My son had a chance to go but changed his mind (he works in DC still).

    1. I hope your computer doesn't have a serious illness. Probably not, to be honest, and hopefully the change of password will do it.

      A friend of mine took her two oldest children (early teens) to experience the inauguration. She's been posting pictures of their adventures, and I'm SO envious! What a fabulous event for those kids to be part of!

  3. I missed the inauguration. I worked. I live in Indiana where the tea party bullies everyone into silence so there wasn't much chatter about Obama at work. reagardless of party affliation, I think this was a big deal for our country. President Obama used Lincoln' s bible! wow. The symbolism is profound.

    1. Eww, Indiana is definitely not friendly toward this administration. I can imagine how is is shushed! Yes, Lincoln's AND MLKs!! Awesome!

  4. Remember though, Obama did win Indiana in 2008. And he was fairly close in 2012 even tho he didn't campaign here. My theory is the vocal right wing crazies in Indiana scare everyone into silence about their true feelings.

  5. Yes, I was referring to several news bits I've heard/read lately about the actions in your state becoming a bit pushy. Your theory isn't limited to Indiana, however. It's everywhere. They don't scare me, but I won't argue with them, either. I just let ranters rant, and walk away.


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