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Friday, February 01, 2013

Just stuff

Yesterday I saw some friends, a couple who run a little store in the area, and we were talking about their equines. The husband does horseback trips, hunting, camping etc. His herd is three horses and a mule. He keeps them in a field near my house. I drive by it anytime I leave or come home, yet I've never seen them. Just circumstance that they were never close to the road when I was. As luck would have it, right after I talked with them about the horses yesterday, as I drove home, there they were! It is almost as if they knew I was going to be there and wanted to prove to me they existed.  ;)

 The three horses were where I couldn't get a really good picture, but they are certainly pretty animals.

And to my surprise, the mule is white! I didn't expect that, as I've never seen a while mule! Isn't he handsome?

I hope they will be near the fence more often. I'll stop and say howdys if they are. I visit with several other animals along the road, a dog that guards his goats and cats, and another horse and mule. Yeah, I know. I'm .... unique.  Leave it at that!

Hey, it's the weekend!! I'm really glad. This has been one of those weeks that has seemed very long. I'm really looking forward to rest, some house cleaning, and hopefully some fun, too.

I know one task I'm certainly going to be working on tomorrow.  This is my driveway, it's about a 25-30 foot drop in 100 yards, and those tracks are completely frozen. Solid ice for about 25-30 feet. This morning as I drove down the hill, even in 4-wheel drive, I slid a little, because it is long enough that there was no traction on any of the tires.

It is completely packed and has been through thaw-freeze cycle for a few days now, so it is a slick mess. 

The forecast for the next ten days is upper 50s and even into upper 60s, so it should clear that area, but it is in shade. It will need some help getting started on thawing. Once I break it up and put some ice melt on it, the warmth will finish the job.

It is nice to have the softer weather back again. It's too early to think we won't have more cold, but this little break is so welcome. 

So how are you spending your weekend?


  1. From LC:

    The horses and mule are attractive animals. Don't remember where, but I think there was some bigshot in the Old Testament whose sons rode around on white mules. Never even saw a pix before. Now I have. Wouldn't mind more photos of your other"drive by" friends! Have a great weekend.
    Blogging at

    1. Funny you should say that about pix of the other "drive bys." I intended to do that and forgot to take their photos. I've actually posted one of the dog in the past. I'll get some fresh shots and post soon.

  2. I worked. I have to shovel and salt my drive but its about 4 feet long!

  3. I like shoveling snow, but where I live I may get the chance only once a year. Otherwise, it's all rain running down into the gutters.

    1. OK, Linda, there is just something wrong with LIKING SHOVELING SNOW!! Jes' sayin'!


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