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Friday, February 22, 2013

The weekend's here, the weekend's here!!

Dang, this has been a loooong week, and today was the longest of all! There is nothing particularly wrong, but just very busy and chaotic. And I'm super glad it is over. I'm delighted the weekend is here. I hope I can sleep in in the morning. Not a big chance of that, but I'm hoping, nonetheless. Maybe I should hang a heavy blanket over the window?

My hand is healing well. I now have the bandages off the ring finger and the thumb. They look pretty awful, but they are healing nicely. I'll be scarred, for sure, but that's life. The burn on the middle finger is healing much more slowly. It is healing well, but taking it's own sweet time! One thing I know .... I've learned a lesson. I'm cooking with a long handled fork now, not that short one. I haven't fried anything, but I'm making sure I'm adjusted to using the safer tool before I have another boo-boo. It has been two weeks tomorrow, and I'm guessing it will be another week before the last bandage comes off.

I was surprised to see snow on ol' Bessie this morning.  There wasn't much, but it was there. The wasn't even a hint of moisture in the forecast. I'm ready for spring. We need moisture, but I want spring and rain, thank you very much. Sadly we won't likely have significant rain until the monsoons in late summer, but as I said the the first paragraph, I can hope. Anything to avoid unnecessary dryness in the forest. We've had major fires each of the past two years, both very close to Ruidoso, and we certainly don't need any more for a long time.

Over the next ten days, temperatures are going to be warming. Today's high was 40°. Not bad, but the 55° for next Sunday looks very nice! So maybe spring is near.

Oookay, I'm gonna get started on my weekend. Y'all have a good'un, OK? 



  1. Mine is a resting up getting ready to help with Son #3's second removal in 3 months. Take care of your hand. Freda from Dalamory

  2. Its finally warming up here too. I'm spending the afternoon soaking up some vitamin D. Have a great weekend too!!

  3. I went shopping for food, clothes and dog toys. Tomorrow: art museum


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