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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Big deep refreshing breath

Well, skiddle-dee-dee.  I'm getting really bad about posting, aren't I?  I haven't felt well since I burned my hand, and just as it was about healed, I had a bad attack of stomach acid. I've had that before, got it healed, and I've been fine for years. But this attack brought me to my knees.

My doctor was out of town for a week, so I tried to just limp through with antacids and drinking Boost. Boost because any food, even water, in my stomach made it cramp horribly. I could drink it without much problem and I was getting good nourishment. It seemed to work, and I was feeling fair after 4-5 days. Then it hit me and doubled me up again.

I saw the doctor Monday and got a couple prescriptions, one for the acid, the other for the cramps. And I'm doing well now. BTW, my doc said that rather than waiting for him to come back, I should have just joined him and his wife in Puerto Vallarta! He said that should cure anything!!!!

Not eating much for ten days was good in one way. I lost 8-10 pounds! But I would certainly not recommend it as a weight loss plan. Miserable.

I'm feeling so much better today that I came home from work and did some catch-up housework. I had done just the bare minimum since the burn, five weeks ago, and trust me, this house needs some serious cleaning!  This is the first day I've actually felt good and had energy to do more than sleep and lay around. I still can barely stand to have my hand in hot water. I am washing dishes left-handed or with a long handled brush and long handled scrubber. Pain in the tush, but I'm glad I have energy enough to do it and complain!

And .......  I  ate almost normally today!  Woot, woot!!

I'm lovin' the weather here now!  It is so beautifully spring-like!  See, everyone who doubted ol' "Punxsutawney Phil" can back off now!  This Saturday will be six weeks, and it is lovely, upper 60s and 70s for the ten day forecast! Boy it is nice!

I'm getting excited about a planned vacation that will begin for me in nine days!  I'm off to Florida to spend a week with my daughter and the grands on their sprig break. I think it has been three years since I've been down there, so I'm very happy! It's also a great time of the year to be there, before it gets hot. As you've heard me complain, I don't do hot! I was beginning to doubt I could make it with the burn and sickness. I'll try to not hold my breath for the next nine days!

This last year has been rough. I was talking with a friend, and we counted up all the events, both bad and good, and every month had one or two things that were literally life-changing for me. Many illnesses, the wildfire and evacuation, a wreck, and scads of training. It is time for my life to slow down, settle down, let me breathe. It could be worse, I guess, but I hope I never experience it!!

Life is good here. How's yours?


  1. I am so glad break is here I need downtime. I will be happy when March is over. Phil lives in Pa not NM we are still dealing with snow. It needs to go away. Bobbie

  2. I hear ya, Bobbie. Take a trip south during your break!

  3. From LC:

    I have spent quite some time just now catching up on some your posts,
    from frightening details of your burns to delightful words and images
    about your deer friends, your canine babies, horses, hoar frost
    artistry and more.

    With hospitalizations in our family and intensifying therapy, I have
    been hit and miss on blogging and reading. Hope to do better. Have a
    great weekend.
    Blogging at

    1. You know, it seems to me that we are all having more challenges that usual. It's not easy, is it? Hang in! It's always good to hear form you, LC.


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