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Saturday, March 16, 2013

This last year ......

With everything that has happened to you, you can either feel sorry for yourself or treat what has happened as a gift. Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose.
― Wayne W. Dyer

This last year has been a doozy. 

  • February - My 1st Healing Touch class, a weekend commitment. Study begins.
  • March - My daughter Terri came to visit on her spring break & I ended up sick enough (lungs) for her to take me to the ER. (study)
  • April - actually uneventful! (study)
  • May- The 2nd Healing Touch class, again the whole weekend. (study)
  • June- Wildfire caused me to evacuate the house and live an anxious week wondering if my house was surviving & then after getting home, I was rear-ended and spent the next four + months in physical therapy. (study, PT)
  • July- The 3rd Healing Touch class. Things are heating up, moving at a faster pace and there is so much to study and practice. (more study, PT)
  • August - The 4th Healing Touch class, a four day weekend retreat, so powerful, and so exhausting. (even more study, PT)
  • September- I was again sick (lungs), causing me to miss several days of work, then went to my 50th class reunion for a 4 day weekend.  (study, practice, PT)
  • October- Spent most of the month preparing for and participating in a health fair, where I was on my feet for over 6 hours doing Healing Touch. (study, practice, PT)
  • November- My friend and HT mentor fell, breaking her right ankle and tearing tendons and ligaments in her left knee. I began spending a lot of time doing HT on her. (study, practice)
  • December- Terri and her kids visited,  and we had a wonderful visit. Through the month, I was busy trying to get HT moving but had many frustrating obstacles. (study, practice)
  • January- Again I was sick, right after Terri and the kids left but not quite as seriously as before. Still .... And I've been very busy with HT sessions on several people. (study, practice)
  • February- I burned hand, making it difficult to do much of anything for almost 4 weeks. (study, practice)
  • March- Sick, AGAIN! This time it was my stomach, severe acid. Argh. (study, practice)

Now, this is the thing .... In spite of all this, I've maintained a pretty positive attitude. I'm not saying I didn't whine at times, especially when I felt so alone when I was sick. No, I certainly did. And I had some "I'm gonna go eat worms" moments. But all in all, it has been a good year. The work I've been doing in Healing Touch and the divinity studies have been amazing for helping me to change my perspective and remain up and happy.

As Dr. Dyer says, you/I/we get to chose. Isn't that just the best?

 I think life couldn't be much better.

Well, unless I had these boots!!

Then it would be stupendous!!


  1. So glad things are going well for you emotionally in spite of all the thins going on around you. Those are beautiful boots but probably not within my budget.

    1. Linda, I'm sure the boots are out of my budget, too! I was actually looking for a picture of a heart to put at the end, and found that! Serendipitous always rocks!

  2. I think that Healing Touch stuff is bringing bad kharma...just joking. So unfair to have so much illness!

    1. [grin] I've actually been able to use the HT on myself, especially later as I learned how to do so with practice. But yes, unfair for anyone to be sick so much.

  3. Yikes. Here is hoping the next 12 months brings good health and happiness!

    1. Thanks, Mary! For you, as well.

  4. There's a reason we instinctively cry out in pain; we are wired to do it. People can be conditioned to keep their mouth shut and suffere in silence but that isn't the way we were created.

    I think there's a huge difference between whining and acknowledgement of a situation. Whining is an attention getting mechanism: an elicitation of sympathy. But to postulate that every single blogger who bothers to share something of the ups and downs of their life is seeking attention is on its surface absurd.

    The notion of sharing your life with someone, anyone (blogger or life partner) implies some openness without which no sharing is possible. But, sharing is the essence of humanity.

    We all have our ups and downs -- sometimes they seem condensed and extreme like a flash flood, other times they are as relaxed and gradual as a quiet walk along a calm lake at sunrise. To be able, free, and willing to share both is a precious gift not to be second guessed. Just go with it.

    Let's hope the next 12 months might be easier but truth is the older we get the greater the probability that our years will be more problematic than less but any day I wake up breathing is a pretty great day.

    Keep up the good work and don't be afraid to reflect and share.

  5. Thank you, Peter. It's been a long while since I've heard form you! Yes, it is life, and I believe it is what I am supposed to experience. To never experience pain would be a shallow, meaningless life, wouldn't it?

  6. I had two life changing events 3 weeks apart on in Feb and one in March of last year. I didnt think I would heal and survive the March one but I have and its giving me new meaning and passion for what I want to do. The year since his passing has been so hard and eye opening. They say what doesnt kill us makes us stronger right? I should be superwoman. Here is to a healthy less drama filled year for you.Bobbie

    1. I hope it is calmer, too, Bobbie. I've learned many lessons, but I'm ready to slide a while.

  7. Yes, those boots are the bomb!!

  8. From LC:

    The synopsis of your year and the perseverance and growth it revealed
    is inspiring. But where were your HT classmates? You definitely needed
    all the HT you could get, I just googled HT. It is fascinating and I
    bookmarked it to go back and learn more. I wonder if stroke survivors
    or others who have limited or no use of one hand can learn and
    practice HT techniques?
    Blogging at

    1. My classmates were spread all over the US! My mentor usually trades off with me, but after her accident, she wasn't able to continue to do so. One person locally who I used to trade with was out of pocket most of the time as she works for the US Forest service in the fire fighting division, so she was unavailable. It was just a crazy time. I actually had several working on me from a distance, as energy work doesn't have to be "in the room." I think persons with limitations as you describe can certainly do this. It might take some adaptation, but since the work is based in intention (as in, intention to heal, intention to assist relaxation, etc.) I believe it is possible. I'll ask my mentor about that after I return from my trip and let you know.

  9. I've been away for a while. It has been just too crazy for me to blog. I read your blog, and I CAN RELATE. One heck of a day. One heck of a year. Hang in there. I love your attitude. Oh, and I love the boots. I think a girl who lives in New Mexico MUST have those.

    1. RET, if one doesn't keep a positive attitude, one will drown! I know your ability to relate is high on the scale. Life wasn't promised to be an easy trip, was it? It's OK; we're in this together and together we make it work! :)


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