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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Vaca and home again

I had a good trip and visit with my daughter and the grands. The weather was unfortunately chilly, so plans for outside activities were curtailed. It was actually not really cold by my regular standards, but being close to the ocean added moisture to the air, so it was not comfortable. I had taken only lightweight clothes, short sleeved shirts, and sandals. I was chilled most of the time! Hard to believe, being in Florida with temps in the 60s and me being cold! I borrowed Terri's jacket (it used to be mine till she STOLE it!!!) a few times, and others I was OK wrapped in my ruana. But it wasn't beach weather, for sure.

Never the less, I had a wonderful time, just spending time with the family. We played games, watched several episodes of "Merlin," and I helped Terri get the garage in order so she can park the car inside. It was the end remnants of the move that she hadn't had time or energy to deal with. We emptied a dozen or so boxes and almost that many tubs, some into the house, others to Goodwill or trash, a few that go to the ex. I'm glad we did it. I'll feel better knowing she can get the car into a safe place.

Our major outing was to the Orlando Science Museum, which was very enjoyable. Lots of hands on exhibits, tons of information, and I was entertained until the last half hour or so, when I was running out of steam. One of the fun things was a scale that weighed people and showed what a person weighed on other planets.  The kids and Terri got on it, but I didn't after it showed her earth weight as 132 lbs!! Good grief, the girl barely weighs 100 at this point! I don't need another 30 lbs. added to my number!!

I know you can't read it, but here it it, just before she broke up laughing!

There was a Star Wars exhibit, and the kids enjoyed that. I was so-so about it. I enjoyed the movies, but I can't say I was enough a fan to get excited about the exhibit. I was also disappointed that the exhibit was void of any ewoks! How can there be Star Wars without the adorable little Shih Tzu-looking furry creatures???  Huff! 

But all three of my kids had fun as you can see to the right.  We weren't allowed to use flash on photos, so you can't see much of their faces, but they are adorable. Trust me!

I did enjoy the many exhibits that showed how things were made for the movies, and watching the kids working several of the hands-on, such as making a robot "walk."

In the main part of the center, we saw dinosaur skeletons, fossils, learned how hurricanes and tornadoes and volcanoes happen. We created echoes, waves, and marveled at the universe. My grandson participated in an experiment for a group of university students. We watched a children's science show, learned how different bridges are built, and many more things.  It was a good day.

A fun part of my trip was watching and experiencing people during my flights. I read an interesting post on a blog not long ago about people on planes, and it spiked my interest. I've always been a people observer, but I decided to ramp it up a little. I was a little more aware of specifics this trip.

Most notable were on my return trip. The first leg I was on the aisle seat of three, with young women in the other two. I spoke very little to either, but their actions were interesting. The one in the middle was the most antsy person, other than children, I've encountered in a long time. She was pleasant enough, but right off the bat, she went to the lavatory. Before the plane left the ground. When she returned, she proceeded to get comfortable. A fleece blanket over her legs, a sweater around her shoulders, and a scarf wrapped around her neck. A lap full of electronics: e-book, tablet, cell phone, as well as a Harry Potter book. A Bag of Cheerios and a bottle of water.  During the almost two hour flight, she applied lip gloss at least eight times while she jostled between her entertainment, reading while listening to music via earbuds, playing a game on the tablet, and nibbling off and on. Mostly on. Believe it or not, she never bumped me! Not once in all the shuffling of devices, rearranging the blanket, or rewrapping the scarf! She also got up to use the restroom another time. Seems she never quit moving! 

In contrast, the other woman slept from before take-off until just as the flight attendants were picking up the last of the cups and cans. She asked for something to drink and was surprisingly disappointed to learn they weren't serving as we were too close to landing. She got a cup of water, then stunned me by getting up and stepping over both of us to reach the aisle without a word, not an "excuse me," zip!  Peculiar. When she returned, she did the same thing, not giving us a chance to stand and move into the aisle, and again, not a word. MmmmmKAY!

Across the aisle were three children whose ages I would estimate between 6 and 9. In the seat ahead of them was another child and the parents. The three kids across from me made a collective 11 trips to the restroom!! Yes, e.l.e.v.e.n!! They weren't a problem, but I think awfully bored. Both parents slept during the whole flight, mom with her dark glasses in place and dad with his hood pulled over his head and as far over his face as possible. The child with them slept or played quietly. As the plane began it's descent, the little boy, about 6, was in obvious pain with his hands over his ears, twisting his ears, and becoming red in his face while tearing up. I was about to ask if I could help when he got up (#11) and disappeared. A few minutes later, he returned with two flight attendants in his wake. He had two Styrofoam cups, one over each ear. The attendants woke the parents who seemed dazed by the news that a child was in distress and had gone to the crew vs. waking the parents. Interesting. I asked the father if I could give the kiddo a piece of gum, and he nodded yes, but said no more. A "thanks" would have been nice, but perhaps he was still groggy.

My final leg was a total joy. I was seated next to a woman returning home to Santa Fe. We immediately found many commonalities, and the chatter was non stop.  It was a lot of fun! She was a very pleasant person, and I was delighted to visit for the two hours. We wished each other well and parted at the Albuquerque Sunport.  I rather wish I had exchanged phone #s, as I go to Santa Fe at times, and she has friends in Ruidoso. Oh well.  It was a pleasant juncture in life and apparently was meant to be just that.

It was a good trip, and it was wonderful to get home.  You know how it is sleeping in an unfamiliar bed. It was a comfortable bed. It just wasn't mine. The pups were happy to have me home, and bounced around for a good ten minutes!  Jazi got out again! Fortunately the sitter heard some noise and went out to check, and she caught the wayward furry baby trotting down the ramp! The little stinker pulled the rabbit wire fencing that is stapled to the uprights around the deck. I don't know how she managed to pull hard enough to pop the staples, but she surely did. I've now wrapped heavy wire around the fencing and uprights. I can't see her getting through that! I hope I don't have to eat my words!

Till next time!


  1. Great observations of your fellow passengers!

  2. I am glad that you enjoyed a bit of humanity on your trip. Too many people shut themselves into a protective cocoon and are so sure that all the people on the trip are not worth the conversation. Those parents were remiss because the child did not go to them I think it reflects how little sympathy he gets from them most times.

  3. I am often surprised by other people's lack of consideration for their fellow humans. Common courtesies are apparently not as common as I want to believe. I am glad you had some positive experiences mixed with the rest!

  4. I'm glad you can so relax on a plane. We have to ship our son tranquilizers before he flies home from D.C. And he's coming home this week. Unfortunately, the post office confiscated the meds we were trying to send him. He'll have to have a couple good stiff drinks instead. (It's probably illegal anyway to ship prescription meds via U.S. mail).


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