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Saturday, April 06, 2013

Stressful week

I've been absent, obviously. After getting back from the vacation, I had a nice weekend at home, then on Monday, it was back to the office. And what a week to be back. It feels as if the last five days were actually double or triple that.

I knew about it before leaving, because rumors were all over town, in fact, they were all over the State. Our agency has been sold, acquired by a large, privately owned corporation. It is one that has a very good reputation. My job will change very little, if at all.

This past week we have been in the first of three weeks of potential chaos. We had orientation and contract signing this week, and the next two weeks will be spent in training for the new computer systems and the other things that will be new to us. None of it is bad, just stressful as we move through the changes. In my Social Work training, one of the most important things I learned is about change. Change is difficult, and we all resist it, even when the change is good and we are happy about it. Think of it this way .... when we marry, we are very happy, it is something we want, yet the anxiety of the days or weeks leading up to it are rough. Some people crack under the strain, and we have people left at the alter, runaway brides, or broken engagements in those final hours. Yes, sometimes, there are good legitimate reasons for those doubts, but as often as not, it comes from not being able to live with the stress. So while most of us see this change as positive, it is hard to be doing your job as usual at the same time you are having to adjust to a completely new system and method of operation.

For me, part of the added disruption is that the training takes place in the conference room, right outside my office. There is frequent added noise (not high, but more than my usual quiet surroundings), I can't get to the coffee pot nor to the restroom, because of the configuration of the space. That means I have to walk to the other building down a hill of about 30 feet drop and around 125 or so feet distance to "refresh and relieve." I make that walk about eight to ten times a day under usual circumstances, but now there are a couple more trips each day. Just an inconvenience. And thank goodness our weather is nice!

By week's end, I was exhausted. I came home yesterday feeling like a zombie. And last night I slept like a rock buried under about 1,000,000 tons of dirt and gravel! I was also already feeling the onset of stress-induced fibromyalgia yesterday at work. This morning, it was full blown. I'm a little better now, but had a rough time getting out of bed. Add to that the seasonal allergies that have arrived, stirring up the bronchial asthma. Argh.  Tough few days, today being the grand mama of them all physically! But I've been through worse, and I will probably have worse in the future, too. So be it!

Our administrator (she sold the company, but is staying on as administrator) planned a potluck for all of us tonight. Her husband has become ill, so she had to cancel it. I'm rather glad. It would have been really hard for me to fix a dish for tonight. I only have to cook for me.

I'm looking forward to lots of good things in the weeks to come. Art shows, concerts in the park, and other fair-weather events are coming up. Good times! I'm tired of the cold weather and feeling locked indoors. I used to be a cold weather kinda gal, but in the last couple years, my already-narrow range of comfort has squeezed even tighter. I'm just not tolerating cold well. Below 30 is not my friend, and my true comfort lower end is about 45. So the promise of summer is so very welcome à Chez Lynilu. Oh, I also like my summer clothes better, too. [wink]

As I mentioned, our weather has been very mild. Highs are mostly in the 60s with a few 50s and 70s. It look like after mid next week, it will be 60s and 70s and nights will be in the upper 40s. I'll be able to put my plants out on the deck, I think. That will be delightful! Oh, and it is nearly time to start getting the hummingbird feeders ready. After the cool snap next week, I'll get them out and start the watch for my wee little buddies to return. I can't wait for that!

Keep me in your thoughts for the next couple weeks. This old dog's gotta learn some new tricks!

And look what I found ..........


  1. Indeed, change is difficult, even good change. I like my winter clothes best so I'm always happier with cold weather. Too many years in Texas, can't take heat anymore. Have to say though the Pacific Northwest summers are the best.

    1. Linda, I don't know that I can find "the right place." Over 85°, I'm miserable. Now, under 45°, I'm miserable. Humidity over about 30-35%, I'm miserable. And in the beautiful, mild Northwest, too little sun, and I'm depressed in a couple days.

      I need sunshine, low humidity, constant temps between 45° and 85°. Argh. I don't think it exists, but where I am is pretty darn close.

  2. You have a lovely blog. I hope that your stress diminishes, more and more, as days go by.


    1. Thanks, Linda. Interestingly, to add to my stress, something has gone wonky with blogger. I couldn't access my dashboard (the control center) for several days! Sighhhhhh. I finally, just today, got everything reset. The trouble is .... I'm not sure how I did it! Yike!


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