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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just a quick post

Well, we are in the final week of the training, and this one is specifically for hospice, so it's a whirlwind. It is really good training, but not easy. We have to learn new software, and everyone is being given tablets. I rather like the idea of doing most of the work right then and there at the patient/client home. That means when you walk out, you're done. This is how my staff did the work when I was in Kansas City (but on paper, not tablets), and it makes everything so much more focused and efficient. It has been hectic, for sure. Trying to be in the training and still keep the work current is a challenge. It will be go to resume a more normal routine next week.

A really good thing is that there is a person from home office who will be here for the next two months. She is here for our convenience, answering questions, assisting us with hitches that we encounter, and generally making things move more smoothly during the extended transition period. I'm so impressed with this company and how they take care of their employees. As one person said to me, "The more happy employees we have, the better they can complete their tasks, so it benefits us all to make everything work right." What a great attitude!

I've been feeling really well since my trip to Florida. The problem with that is that I stopped taking some of my supplements that help the fibromyalgia because I was feeling so well and simply forgot them. Guess what? It has caught up with me! The last three days have been rough! I'm not so bad that I've needed to stay home or anything like that, but I'm not moving as well as I should. I've been having a lot of muscle cramps, some even waking me at night and forcing me to get out of bed and walk around to relieve it. Broken sleep makes the overall situation worse. I'm back on them again now, and I'm easing as we speak. A few more days, and I'll be back to myself again.

Adding to everything already in the mix, I was unable to access this blog for about a week. I don't know what happened, and I couldn't figure out how to fix it! There is a different blog I set up a long time ago, but never used, and every time I tried going to this one, I ended up in that other. I was beginning to think I would have to just activate it and move everyone over there, but I hated to give up the history of this blog. I finally had to start at zero, resetting everything from my google ID up. Pain in the tush!  I was tired enough after work that I couldn't make it far through the morass each day before I was frustrated and quit. But slowly, I got it done yesterday, and we are back on board.

So, give me a few more days, and hopefully, I'll be back up to speed next week.  I haven't done well at reading your blogs, either. Sorry, but I will get that back on track, also. 

Soon, kids!

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