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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Photo Mania

Note added Sunday AM: Caroline advised me that my comments were turned off on this post this morning. Sorry if you've tried to comment. It is fixed now.

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I'm starting with a photo from a couple days ago. These guys I see just about every time I go to town. The are obviously older horses, but very friendly. One day I stopped a few minutes just to watch them, and they both moseyed over toward the fence to return the favor. Good grazing these days!

Last night this poor little fella flew into my ceiling fan which was running on "high." He was still alive, and I couldn't see any oozing, so I took him outside and turned him loose, but, alas, this morning he was on the deck, apparently dead. :(

This morning I awoke earlier than usual. I haven't seen many recent sunrises because they are getting earlier than my usual 7-ish rolling-out time. The dogs were sleeping in, so I made coffee and raised the blinds. Well, I'm sure you know what I saw. What you don't know is how wonderful it was. I can only call it "other worldly." Lots of low clouds make for beautiful sunrises or sunsets, and this one was breathtaking. I've put some of the shots in a slide show for you. You can see the marvelous shadows and mistiness of the hills and valleys.

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A bit later, one of my hummingbirds was at the feeder, oblivious to my nearness, and I thought, "Goody, I'm going to be able to get a shot of him." HAH!! This one is the best one!!

All the others were worse than this!!

I knew with those clouds from early on and the patterns from recently we were in for some rain today. Again. Still. And it did ..... and still is!! It hasn't rained constantly, but off and on all day with lots of thunder and pouring of buckets of water! No kidding, I gotta get a rain gauge so I can track this stuff, because it is remarkable for New Mexico! I'm not complaining, because all but one day (Thursday) we got significant periods of sunshine, as well.

Then mid afternoon, it became even more interesting ad exciting. Look at this picture:

And this one:

Yep, that is hail!!

Fortunately, it is small, about the size of large peas, but it came down for almost 45 minutes!!
The hail melted as quickly as it fell because the temperature was into the 60s. I didn't think to look at the time, but it has been 65-68 every time I looked since about noon!

I'm telling you, it is never boring here!!!

Good weekend, everyone!!!

Isn't Life Beautiful?


  1. I love the pictures of the sky with the low clouds. Just beautiful.

    Is it just me, or does it seem like I am the keeper of your blog lately? :) Not only am I telling you about the comments being off, but also about the whole b-day thing...Oh well..Have a great Sunday.

  2. Hey, Caroline ... what are friends for??? I can't figure out why the comments were turned off. The first time it happened, I had changed the date because I didn't publish right after I wrote it, but this time, I didn't open that window at all. Who knows. And, uhmmm, I hope you're not expecting to be paid, Not gonna happen!! giggle! Thanks for the head-up.

  3. You have such a myriad of things to look at around there. You could never be bored!

  4. Patti - You are so right! Every day there is something new to experience. I can't say that I've been bored even once here. That's rather amazing!

  5. YIPPY...Pictures! :-) And of course, they are beautiful as usual. We have several pastures near where we live and I just love seeing the horses grazing...what a life!

    Oh my goodness, what GORGEOUS sunrises!!! Thank God for cameras...we'd never be able to explain something so beautiful to those who had never experienced it!

    Thanks for sharing and have a beautiful day!

  6. Oh, shoot...I forgot to tell you. I put out our hummingbird feeder today. So hopefully, I'll have some pix of those little cuties soon. I think they're waiting for Jayla to get home from school :-).

  7. Dawn - I agree about explaining those sunrises. I'm good with words, but I don't know that i could put it into words. It just leaves me feeling inadequate.

    Hummingbirds may not show up for you this year. The usually come around very early in the year and establish their territory. But there may be one or two that haven't found a place of their own who will be thankful for your generosity. Remember ... if they don't come, put the feeder out earlier next year. I think I put mine out in March or early April, and I was a couple weeks behind everyone else here.

  8. Wow, thanks for the info about the hummingbirds. It helps to know people...hee hee.

    I may leave it out for a while though. Jayla just loves looking at that big red apple hanging out on the deck.

    Thanks again and I'll ready next year!

  9. Dawn - Yep, I'd leave it out, just in case. Ya never know!!

  10. The variety of weather is wonderful ! And your pictures are beautiful, the grazing horses, the beautiful sunrise, and that deliciously elusive hummingbird so happily feeding !

  11. Annie - Great weather contrasts! Thanks on the pictures. Those little hummers are very elusive the way they dart about, but when they dive bomb close to my head, I forget how small they are! I instinctively duck!!

  12. Knock,'s me, Dawn. I've got a surprise for you...go check out my blog!

  13. The hummingbirds are so cool!

  14. OH where is Lynilu? Hope you are doing ok. Missing seeing your posts, but I am sure you are busy as a bee.

  15. Dawn I checked it out, and I'm glad they did come! Is Jayla enjoying them?

    Traci - They are fun, aren't they? I photographed hummers before, but these are SO elusive!!

    Caroline - I know, I kow! Just been sumptin' awful busy! I have had a plethora of deadlines for newspaper ads and radio ads that 've been writing, and It has had me snowed under. I'll be back soon, I promise! and I'm honored that you noticed!


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