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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tiny Flowers & Tall Trees

OK, a quick look at some of the little flower I transplanted into my yard a few days ago.

This last one had some little yellow flowers, and I'm sure it will bloom again. The plant itself has bounced back well from the trauma I visited upon it.

I've been absent because I've had a very busy schedule for a few days. I had several writing projects for work that kept me tied up, not because it was hard or really long, but because it is new challenge for me. I've been writing material for ads in the newspaper and radio for the gallery. I've not done that before, and the challenge is to get my message of how wonderful the gallery is in less than fifty words(for the newspaper) and short enough to be read in thirty seconds (on the radio). For someone as "wordy" as I, it is not an easy task! I've done great on the places where I could be more free, such as the text for web sites which are relatively unlimited, but less than fifty words??? Well, it got done, and I learned a lot in the process.

I was also side-tacked by an out-of-town visitor. My friend, Gail, came here from Colorado for a couple days while she looked at homes and jobs in the area. It was a good visit. We kinda kicked back except for her hunting excursions (hmmm, would those be "house safaris" or "job safaris" since she is "hunting" ?) Anyway, it was nice to have someone to have early morning coffee/tea with for a change, instead of sitting alone. she also spent time with her brother and sister-n-law in Alamogordo. Her SIL is unfortunately beginning chemotherapy for breast cancer. Or should I say, she is lucky to have chemotherapy to help her fight the cancer. I guess it is fortunate that there is treatment, but unfortunate that it is necessary. We are hoping for the best for her.

Gail left this morning, but not until we took a drive down the road to Nogal Canyon. It is just about four miles from me, between my place and the village by the same name. BTW, there is another canyon by the same name south of Ruidoso, and as far as I can tell, it is not connected to the one near my home. Gail was curious what it was like, so off we went.

It was a beautiful drive. The road is unpaved, so it was slow going at times. One place the road went right through a creek. Fortunately, it was a very tiny creek. We saw some pretty houses, a few that were "interesting," and a handful that were comical or pitiful. I didn't think to take picture of them, or I'd sow you "pitiful," but I'll go back another day.

I did take pictures, of course. Here is a little baby evergreen tree that was among the grasses. There were lots of baby trees, and they were nicely green (as were their big brother trees), indicative of a nice spring with plenty of rain.

Look at the heads on those grasses!

Just another pretty area beside the road.

There were some beautiful old oaks and other non-evergreen trees along the road.

Here is a picture of how it looked as we drove the road. So serene and beautiful.

Here is one of those little flowers like what I transplanted to my home. They are like a little aster, and I've seen white, purple and pink ones.

Boy, everything is just so pretty around here. And I'm glad Gail "forced" me to take the drive! Oh, OK, not forced, but reminded me that I need to take breaks from the busyness that it is so easy to get lost in. That's what friends are for, isn't it?

Anyway, I think I am back, and I will likely be more on the ball about blogging. I've been reading your blogs, even if I haven't commented. I'm not behind on y'all, just on myself!!

Hoe you have a good Friday, everyone!


  1. Ooh looks like you had a nice visit with your friend and that drive looks so peaceful.
    Stacy bought me two english lavender plants yesterday and i'm hoping I don't kill them. Any advice Plant Lady?

  2. Patti, I don't know much about lavender plants. I've thought about putting some in here later, but I need to read about them and find out if they are appropriate for this climate and elevation. When I don't know, I always rely on some online research. Wish I could help. God luck!

  3. An update...YEA.

    Everything there is soo green. It looks so different from when I was there just two months ago. So pretty.

  4. Caroline, It is almost as green as MO, but we still don't have the humidity factor, think goodness! It really is beautiful. Those hills are just a green carpet now. And this isn't monsoon season!! I'm glad I'm up on a hill!!!

  5. Welcome back!

    How nice for you to have spent some time with a friend. Maybe ya'll will see even more of eachother if she moves there.

    Now you KNOW I love the pictures you took. Don't you feel like I just use you for my photo enjoyment? LOL

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

  6. dawn, sniffle, I didn't know that. Now I feel so ... so ... used! ;-)

    Yep, I'm hoping she is able to put all the pieces together and move here. It would be fun after all these years that we've keep in touch from great distances (as far as from Hawaii to Kansas City!) to have her near by.

    You have a good weekend, too.


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