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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Doo Wop

On Sunday night Sirius Radio has a Doo Wop program. Actually, I think it is recorded on Wednesday nights, but I never remember to turn it on then, so when it is replayed on Sunday night, I often catch it. I've been doing some computer work and listening to it and just loving the music.

When Doo Wop was around in the 50's and 60's I don't remember being aware that it was anything different than the "rock 'n' roll" that we listened to. Years later people started talking about "Doo Wop" and I had no idea what they were talking about. When someone would name a song, I'd think, "Uh, that's "R & R," but I didn't say anything because I felt stupid to not know the difference. I'm a huge music fan, almost all kinds, and that I didn't know what it was stunned me.

That was before the Internet, so research was not easy, but I finally ran it down. And no wonder I didn't know what it was "back in the day"! It was not defined as something separate until many years later. If you're not sure what it is, Wikipedia has a good definition. Essentially, it was music with roots in African American harmonizing groups such as the Platters. Remember seeing old videos from shows like the Ed Sullivan Show with groups that actually sang harmony while doing smooth choreographed moves in unison? And they all dressed alike. Every thing was in harmony! (I've noticed that seems to be making somewhat of a come-back, BTW) The back-up singers often sang phrases like (duh!) "doo wahh, doo wahh, doo wop." Ringing a bell for any of you youngens out there? I hope so. If not, read the Wikipedia thing, and or go to to listen to snippets of the music. (My particular favorite, well, one of the favorites is "Out of Sight, Out of Mind.") (Or "Twilight Time," or "Blue Velvet." They are among the first on that particular list.)

It was in the R & R genre, but when I listen to it I hear a little influence of the Blues, another of my favorite kinds of music. And of course it is now linked with R & B, and you can hear a tad of that in it as well. It was certainly bringing the music of Africian Americans into mainstream America.

I love to listen to this show. I don't know how anyone can not like the music. I know I'm showing my age when I say this, but I'm gonna say it anyway! I love music that has a story and is sung so I can actually understand it. (age, age, age!!) I also love the rich harmony of those groups. (Yeah, I like barbershop quartets, too, but not as well as doo wop.) And I like music that I can dance to! (old, old, old person alert!!) Love songs, gentle ballads of the type that I remember dancing to in the high school gym on Friday nights after the ball games. In our bobby sox! They were called sock hops, no shoes were allowed on the gym floor, so....

Now where was I going with this? Huh. I have no idea. BWA HAHAHAHA!!!! I really, really am getting old!! Oh, lawdy!

Anyway, I love that music. I enjoyed a couple hours of good old belly rubbin' (giggle!!) music tonight, and it was a lot of fun! I was enjoying dinner during the first part of it, and it was very relaxing and made me really happy just to sit and hear sounds that hold pleasant memories for me. I'm one of those weird people who actually enjoyed my teens. Not that I'd repeat them, but they were fun then.

See I don't need those papers and clutter .... I have Sirius Radio and Doo Wop!!! LOL!!

OK, here we go ..... what is your favorite kind of music and why?


  1. Well first of all...I am WITH you on music I can understand..that tells a story I can understand, in WORDS I can understand!! I have 2 teens as you know and they listen to a wide range of music (including bands from the 60s/70s). Neither is what I would call a "rap" "fan" but they do listen to some of it..I know it tells a story but for the life of me I have no idea what they could possibly be talking about!!! It generally isn't good--unless unlimited sex is good...oh wait, they would be "young" people singing this..what am I saying?!?!

    Anyway, I do remember doo a child from Ed Sullivan etc. Lovely sound, harmonizing and background has always been one of my favourite parts of music.

    I listen to an eclectic mix..but I like music I can sing along to or dance to or dream to...classical, rock, soft rock, top 40, oldies...I'm a mixed bag!

  2. I remember doing some channel surfing one night (after my husband had passed) and PBS had on a Doo-Wop special. It brought back so many memories, I danced my butt off (I wish) and once it was over I had to Google search to see if I could find the show on tape (didn't have a DVD player yet).

    Such great music, they now have done several Doo-Wop shows. It's so great to see the original artists perform the songs we grew up to and loved (and know the words to).

    My first love is Blues, I have Sirius radio (gift from my kids a year ago) and like you said, it has had such a strong influence on R&R, R&B and many of the top artists.

    Be sure to visit where you can put in your favorite artists & songs and create your own radio station. I've discovered some awesome new artists this way. They find music similar to what you like and then you choose to keep it or not. Free and awesome!

  3. I listen to it all. Growing up not only did I have MY music (80's) but I listened to my Mom's music (60's). Every weekend as we cleaned the house, the records (yes, vinyl) were playing. I loved them then and still do now.

  4. I should also say that I have done the same thing with my kids. They listen to my stuff and theirs.

  5. Oh I love so many different kinds of music but I guess my favorite genre is 80's music!

  6. I love all kinds of music too but the music from the 50s and 60s always bring back special memories for me as that is what I listened to growing up. Man has Sirius and we listen to the DooWop!!! I love it.

  7. Sherry, do you suppose there is a generation of parents who have not said these things? LOL! Same thing with my kids, too. In fact, when Scott was leaving our house to go to college he asked me if he could tape come of my "oldies." I don't remember what all he taped; I know he did the Rolling stones and some Donovan, I think some Elvis and some folk music. I believe some of my classical records were taped, too. A broad variety.

    I'm like you, Sherry, I like just about all music. I don't like heavy metal and rap, and I'm not crazy about opera (I can't understand the words! LOL!!) although I love classical. I was the youngest of 5 kids, and my mom sang and played the piano, so I heard music from shortly after the turn of the last century as Mom sang music from the 1910s and 1920s, some from the '30s, then my older sibs played and sang the music in the late '30s and '40s. My youngest brother is 6 years ahead of me, and he introduced me to the music of the early '50, and from there on, I took over. I had such a broad exposure that I like everything.

    Froggi, I saw a couple of those Doo Wop specials, too. They were very good, but didn't cover enough!! Yeah, I guess I wanted 18 hours of it at once!

    My top favorites are R & R, Blues and Classical, not necessarily in that order, as I like all. I agree about blues being the foundation of most of our music in the past century, and what a rich gift it has been!

    I subscribe to Pandora, too. Well worth it!

    Cheeky, I think that happens in most families that like music, and what a treasure for us all! What's cool is that to this day my kids listen to a broad variety of music genre. It's like part of our heritage, isn't it?

    Patti, I'd say most of us favor the music we grew up with, the music of our teens. Those of us who are lucky were exposed to other kinds, too, and that makes us more balanced and it helps us to appreciate other people and their tastes, as well.

    Daisy, it's fun to be able to appreciate lots of music types, if for no other reason, because we can go to any place and be comfortable with whatever music is being played. Sirius is great, isn't it??

  8. I'm a product of the 60's. But I absolutely LOVE Doo Wop! Actually, I love just about any kind of music. There use to be a radio station here, Fox 97, and all they played was oldies. Stuff from the 50's, 60's & 70's. I just loved it. Marque is convinced that I'm older than 41 because of the different genres of music that I know :-). He's also convinced that I'm not black...HAHAHAHA. He'll say, "What 41 year old black woman knows THAT song?" LOL

    I'd win so much money on "Name that tune". Remember that show?

  9. You know, Dawn, I think Doo Wop is one of those more or less timeless genre. I agree that some are never introduced to it as you were, but people of all ages like it. Those 50s, 60s and 70s are among my favorites, too, but I am definitely old enough to remember all of that and more!!

    Oh, yes I remember "Name that tune"!! I was pretty good at that. I was able to name most by the 3rd note!

    And tell Marque that I want to know how old he is that he knows music that you shouldn't!! LOL!! :D


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