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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Speaking of cats ......

Speaking of cats, this is a cute story about a cat that went on a business trip!!


  1. Oh my i'm sure glad that kitty is okay!

  2. Wow, what a story. That is one very lucky kitty.

  3. The kitty is very lucky tobe alive after that. Her owners must be SO relieved ! I think she hid in the suitcase because she wanted to go with them and not be left alone at home... smart girl...

  4. Patti, no kidding. I wondered how she did in the unpressurized luggage hold. Hmm. Would being inside the suitcase help with that pressure? I donno.

    Caroline, can you imagine how freaked she was by the time the suitcase was opened? No wonder it took the guy a while to catch her and look at the tag!

    Annie, very lucky kitty, indeed. I'll bet she decides to be happy at home from now on!!

  5. What an amazing story -- but you could you imagine being the guy that opened the suitcase and found a cat?!? I'd have freaked out!!! :)

  6. Lynilu,

    The baggage compartment is pressurized and its the same temp that is in the main cabbin. The airplane is like one long tube. Have a great day!!! I updated go read. LOL Lord only knows when I will post again.

  7. Sherry, me, too! I'm sure the cat bolted like nobody's business!!

    Mr. Man, I knew that! Duh! As soon as I started reading your note, a big light bulb appeared over my head, bright as could be. Then it exploded. sighhhh.

    Yes, I'll go read NOW! This doesn't happen often!!! LOL!!!


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