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Monday, January 21, 2008

What were you doing on 1/21/07?

Just for fun .... I was over at Jenster's blog, and she wrote about her post from a year earlier. So I got curious and looked to see what I posted 1/21/07. It was about Smokey, the cat and the Bear, also. So I thought I'd give you a little update.

Smokey, the cat, has apparently crossed the Rainbow Bridge. When Allan went to San Diego for Christmas, I went by and put out food, but it was untouched after a few days, so I quit putting it out. Well, some of it was eaten, but not all, and I didn't see her/him at all. That wasn't usual. Smokey usually came running when food was offered, and stayed to be petted.

When Allan returned, he told me that Smokey had a wound on the side before he left. So when I told him that I tried to feed him/her, and what happened, we assume that Smokey passed away from the wound shortly after Allan left. She/he has never been back, so it seems pretty certain. Smokey had been coming to his door for over two years. :'(

On a happier note ......

My own "Smokey" (I gotta settle on a name for him**) is continuing to come and eat here. He didn't eat yesterday until very late, overnight, sometime after 11:00 when I checked last, but it was gone this morning. I'm wondering if he belongs to some order that fasts on Sunday.

Boy, I hope it's not some strange cult.

**Wanna help me name the cat?

Here is, well sorta, a picture of him/her.

  • Grey dark and light stripes, not sharply defined. (Stormy? Cloudy? Ashes? Dusty? Stony?)
  • Long hair. (Puff? Fuzzy? Harry?)
  • Pretty large, I'd guess around 10-14 pounds. (Sumo? King? Doozer? Tank?Moose?)
  • Has just one eye. (Popeye? Flirt? Pirate? Winky?)
  • Scared of me so far. (Spooky? Jitterbug? Runner? Mercury? Willy?)

Poor critter's gotta have a moniker. If one of you comes up with a name that grabs me, I'll go with it; if not, maybe we'll put it to a vote, OK?


  1. What about Wilson? No particular reason, I just like the name and he kind of looks like a Wilson.

    What was I doing on 1/21/07??? I went back and looked and from my post we had just got some snow and I did a post with just pictures of the snow. The title of the post was "peace" and when I think back to that day (yes I remember that day) it was not peaceful. Laura was very upset because of the snow, so there was no peace at our house. Funny how I mostly wrote about how I wished I was feeling. Anyway...

    Can't wait to see what the kitty is named, but my vote is for Wilson.

  2. Ha ha!!Caroline, is that because he is like Wilson from "Home Improvement," because we never see his face? Could be!!

  3. I had forgot about Wilson from Home Improvement....but I have to say that the name really does fit now!!!!

  4. I'm with Caroline, Wilson! He looks like this stuffed animal one of my girls has that she named Wilson.

  5. How about Fred. No reason just Fred... In the morning when you see him you can say "Hey Fred how ya doin?"... He will look up at you with his one good eye and meow at you. You get your paper and get your coffee/tea and then start your day. He will always be there for you.

  6. Traci, OK, that's 2 for Wilson.

    Man, LOL! That would work, but I don't have newspaper home delivery!

  7. We DID come through New Mexico...where are you?? I would have LOVED to have coffee with you!


    The Egel Nest

  8. It's fun to look back -- I wasn't blogging until August so I have no "real" idea what I was doing that day -- I was still having herceptin treatment -- perhaps it was a treatment day.

  9. Well I like Stormy (this from the girl who has a cat named after Brett Favre *snort*)

  10. Definitely looks like a Wilson.

  11. My vote is for the name Wilson.

  12. Thought I would come out of hiding to say that I think the kitty should be names Wilson as well. No question about it....

  13. Okay... Winky and Sumo jumped out at me. LOL!!!! How fun!!!!!

  14. I'm sorry about Smokey. :o(

    How about Bezoar - which loosely translated means hair ball (the real name is trichobezoar, but that's too long. lol)

  15. Lynilu,
    Rest in peace, Smokey (even if it was a year ago)...

    I always feel so badly for animals when they are hurt and/or don't ccome home...

    As to your fuzz pirate...

    Now you KNOW you laughed like crazy when i told you I named my kitten 'Harry Gonad'.
    You may borrow that if you so choose :)

    But the real question IS - what name fits him the best ? Have you asked him and waited for an answer ?

  16. Harry Gonad??? ROTFLMAO!!! That's hysterical!!!

  17. Bradley, I'm South Central, near Ruidoso. Considerably south of where you were on I-40. Oh, well, next time! :)

    Sherry, just think of it this way ... next year, you'll have your story!!

    Patti, OK, that's 2 Wilson, 1 Fred, 1 Stormy. 0 Brett (at this house)!!! :D

    OK, Caroline, Anon, Sophie, Bonk and Ben, there is just one vote per household!!! Sheesh!! And BTW, Ben, I know better than to think you'd come out of hiding, even for THIS!!!

    Cheryl, OK, now that makes 2 votes from you! I'll make it 1/2 for Winky and 1/2 for Sumo!!!

    Jenster, oooooookkkkkkkk! I can just hear me now, calling "Here Bezoar, here Bezoar, here Bezoar!" But if I name him Trichobezoar, I can call, "Here Tricky, here Tricky, here Tricky!!"

    Thanks about poor Smokey.

    Annie, Thanks about Smokey. It was actually just in December that she went missing.. She was such sweet cat ... as long as you didn't try to pick her up! I felt bad that it happened while Allan was gone, and I wondered if she knew he was gone and thought she didn't need to come.

    I'd forgotten about Harry Gonad!! LOL!!

    I hadn't thought about asking the cat what he prefers. Perhaps I'll talk with him about the suggestions and see what he thinks. Great idea!

    OK, let's recap ...

    2 for Wilson
    1 for Fred
    1/2 for Winky
    1/2 for Sumo
    1 for Trichobezoar or Bezoar
    1 possible for Harry Gonad.

    Bring more, if you want, and I'll consider seeing if I can talk with the cat about his preference.

    Stay tuned!

  18. Nuthin' to say 'cept I saw a truck just like yours today and thought of you as it turned in front of me!

  19. Jenster, :D That's our Annie!! LOL!!

    Traci, Don't tell anyone I was in your part of the country yesterday!! My boss thought I was working! Shhhhh!

    I've noticed that color is becoming very popular. Yawwwwwn, I'm such a trend setter! LOL!!

  20. How are you doing today, Lynilu ?

    Just popped in to say hello and see what was new.

    Hope all is well !


    Loving Annie

  21. Of course, now that I've given it some thought, you know how royalty always has these long names ? Well how about Wilson-Fred-Winky-Sumo the First ???

  22. Prince Harry Wilson-Fred-Winky-Sumo of Gonad, the First!!!!!

    BWA hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I like Jack. As in Captain Jack (pirate) in Pirates of the Caribbean.

  24. Oooouuuuuuu! That's good, Daisy!!!!!


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