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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Touching PS (to the previous post)

I know I indicated I wouldn’t be back today, but I have to tell you how touched I am by one thing that is going on today.

First, let me take you back two years ago to mid October. China’s doggy momma, Mai Lin was dying, and for the final couple days of her life, she was barely responsive. China laid at her side, leaving only for short times when she stretched her legs or took care of her own needs. She was an attentive, caring buddy.

Today I have seen this replayed. China is not so unresponsive and her momma was, but she hasn’t moved from the couch all afternoon. Even when invited to go outside, she has looked at me and just laid her head back down. I’m guessing the kidneys are shutting down. I’ll carry her out in a while, but decided to not press it while it was raining. The rain has stopped now.

Joey has taken the role that China played in the above scenario. He has remained right beside her other than a couple trips outside and once when he got down and stretched really big, laid on the floor below her for about five minutes, then returned to her side.

I’m so touched that this newcomer to our family is so attentive to the grand old lady.


  1. What a sweet and knowing gesture from him. He knows she's close to the edge now. The animal world continues to amaze me.

    I am thinking about you today, my friend. You and all your furry charges. This is hard, even though you saw it coming. I am sending you strength.

  2. I am sorry to hear about China. I hope her last days are comfortable.

  3. I am thinking of you and China today and I am saying lots of prayers. I am so happy that Joey is looking after her.

    Call me if you need to talk.

  4. I'm so glad to hear of Joey's attention to China. She certainly deserves it after what she did for her own momma. I am thinking of you and your family.


  5. My heart goes out to you. Your last post and this one bring tears to my eyes. It made me think of all the wonderful dogs to whom I have sooner or later had to say that difficult final good-bye.

    I watch as my doxie begins to show more and more the signs of old age and I worry about her and remind myself to simply enjoy her for as long as possible.

  6. If only we humans were as loving and devoted as our precious animals are...

  7. I am so sorry Hugs for you and china and the new additions dogs are so amazing. I truely believe that dogs and cats and all animals go to heaven to live among people no matter what other people say. So take comfort that one day she will be by your side again. Still stinks though.

  8. When my old friend was having problems, she would pant and pace and pant and pace - I laid down and she laid beside me. A touch is all it took to calm her but her panting continued.

    I am so happy to hear that China has a friend, besides you, to comfort her at this time.

    It was a game with Surely and I, whenever it was time for her to go outside I would walk down the steps, turn, and pat the steps. She would do her dance.

    When I was taking her to the vet for the last time, I walked down the stairs and turned to pick her up. She had that look in her eyes and without thought I patted the steps - she tried to do her dance.

    Hang onto her for as long as you can.

    You never really stop missing your old friend.

    I am so sorry. You and China will be in my prayers. Give Joey a hug.

  9. Holy moly! I'm not around for a bit and look what happens. I'm so sorry about China and so very touched to read of your new guys and their obvious love for you and China. My wish for you and for your furry family is peace as you make this journey together. Hugs.

  10. Lyn Im sorry to hear about your sweet baby. I hope her journey is peaceful. Hugs to you!


  11. {{{{Hugs}}}}

    Your posts are both heartbreakingly sweet and heartbreaking. I am so, so sorry.

  12. oh, i'm with you lynn.
    i have an amazing story about this very thing i will share with you at a later time.
    all my love and best to you all.

  13. That is so sweet. The tears are flowing (as i've read above post). Please know you and your furbabies and dear China are in my heart today and always Lyn.


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