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Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Second Table

Oh, shoot, I meant to make these photos small so I could write beside them. Oh, well!

The second table is finished. I'm going to take a break for a bit now, till after my trip to Tucson, probably.

Here is a look at this oddly made little table, a garage sale find for $5. It is homemade, circa WWII. The legs originally folded up so that the owner could take it with him from place to place. At some point the little shelf was added, so now nails would have to be pulled out to fold it up.

When I got it, it was painted plain white and a child ha scribbled all over it with a pencil. Then I got hold of it, and look what I've done. (If the child had done this, I'm guessing (s)he would have been in big trouble!!!)

The table top

Closer details

These are close details of the ends or sides taken before the finish was applied. They don't have the mice shine, but the view of the figures is good, so I included them.

Bison on one side

Bison, symbol for "home," symbol for four directions.

The other end of the table


Petroglyph people (Hunting party)

I really enjoyed this one. Researching the petroglyph figures and symbols was interesting and gave me ideas for this, as well as other future projects. I also talked with some friends in town yesterday, and they encouraged me to frequent garage sales for tables, chests, chairs, any wooden pieces to refinish, and when I get tired of finding room in my place for them .... sell them! Perhaps. It's an interesting idea, anyway.


  1. So very pretty you are so talented

  2. They are beautiful and I can see a future for you if you could ever part with some after they are painted.....maybe when you run out of space LOL
    Might be a whole new career awaiting your talents.....

  3. damn did it again but you know by now who it is lol

  4. You're right, Ruth, you just never know what I might do next!!

  5. What a cute little table!!!! I like what you've done.

  6. What a cute little table!!!! I like what you've done.

  7. I LOVE the tables!! They look fantastic. I really love the colors and all the details you put into it. I think you just found your new hobby.

  8. I love it! Not only are you smart and pretty - so creative too!
    The true total package!

  9. You have real talent Lyn and I love the way your tables turned out!

  10. Thanks, Caroline!! Yep, I'll be watching for pieces which need a new, colorful coat and a good home! OMG!! I'm rescuing again!! LOL!!

    Queenie, thank you! You're too much, girl!

    Moni, thanks! I'm pleased with them!

  11. very cool! maybe you could sell this sort of thing on Etsy or ebay...

  12. Mary, what an intriguing idea! Maybe I'll look into that!

    BTW, I think you jinxed me. I noticed that ya'll's photos are not showing up on your comments now! I checked and the settings are right. I give up!!

  13. will forever be someone that rescues. :)

    You know that is one thing that I love about the southwest...the bright colors.

  14. There is something true about that, for sure!!

    Me, too. The bright colors of the Southwest (and of Mexico) just rock, IMO!

  15. awesome! i have a ceramic tile with a similar hand with a swirl in it as well! very fun!


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