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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random Me

I was looking for a picture or two that I'd taken recently to inspire me for a post, and nothing grabbed me. Then I saw some pictures of me that I scanned a little while back, and decided to pick a few random snapshots of me. What's better than ME???? Right??

I like this one of me with my kids in about 1973. We were at my brother and sister-in-law's home, and if memory serves correctly, my SIL said something like, "You guys act like you really like your mom." It worked!

This I'm just putting here because of my own amazement when I saw how teeny my waist was! Good grief! It must be four times that now!! OK, OK, not four. But more than two!! And what was with that cheesy grin? I donno. I'm trying to remember who took this picture. That's my SIL and my boyfriend, but my brother was off in the Army. Who the heck was there??? Obviously my memory doesn't last almost 60 years.

Would you look at this sweet angelic face? How adorable is this child and her kitten? I must have been about four here.

Again, I was just too cute for words!

So how can I explain that this picture of me, taken a year or more earlier, shows a very different side of the "angel"? See that smudgy face? My sister's lipstick. She would have been about 15 or 16, and the fact that I used it up like that I'm sure infuriated her. Not only that, but if you look again, you can see that I applied the lipstick to my thighs, as well. yeah, that tube of "Siren Crimson" or whatever it was, was probably done for. Do the Shirley Temple curls make up for it?? Probably not.

Now before you see the next one, you have to hear the story. This was in 1974 or early 1975. I had been to the grocery store, and the kids were helping me unpack and put away. I pulled two heads of cabbage out, one in each hand, and one of the kids asked me a question. I stopped to listen, holding the cabbages in front of me, breast level. Suddenly one of the kids started laughing hysterically. I asked what was so funny, and I was told that it looked like I had two green boobs!

Well, one thing leads to another, right?

What can I say? I was as silly as my kids in those days.

Alright, now that I've embarrassed myself thoroughly, I think I'll call it a day.

Yeah, that's probably best.


  1. I love the one with the lipstick. It's hard to believe you could do so much with only one little tube of lipstick.

    Boy, you had some figure in the green boob picture. I suspect you won't see that figure again.

  2. LOL, Linda, I guess it was the "artist" in me!

    And yeah, the cabbages are now spread around the middle of me! Nope, never again!

  3. Lyn you are STILL too cute for words! :-)

  4. Thanks, Lyn. Older pics are so neat, not only for bringing back our memories of "back then" but also for reminding ourselves and others that things weren't forever as they are at the moment.

  5. Aw, thank you, Man. You, sir, are too KIND for words! :)

    Nick, you are certainly right about that. A good reminder for us all.

  6. Lynilu,

    Love the pics, especially the cabbage one. What a teensy waist. Oh where have those days gone, right?

    Are you going to post a retro picture on Facebook? I just did. What a difference 47 years makes.

    ~hippo hugs~

  7. AWWWWW the pics are hilarious, and you're still in awesome shape - maybe just re-arranged a bit lol

  8. Hippo Chick, thanks. Yeah, I had a 19 or 20 inch waist till after my kids were born, and then it was only about 24 for many years.

    Yes, I have a retro pic on FB. Check it out. It's right in keeping with all the snow everyone has had lately!

    Ruth, thanks, it was fun putting those up! As I said above, the cabbage has just moved down and is layered around my waist now!! LOL!

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