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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Beautiful winter weather

I woke this morning with a complete covering of dense fog again. There was a coating of frozen fog, hoar frost, on the trees once again.

It is really pretty on the long needles of the Ponderosa pines, especially.

Now, two hours later, the cloud has moved down the mountain and is settled in the valley below me. Capitan must be socked in. You can see from this photo that it is low enough for the mountains to poke out above it.

Although I'm in the bright sun now, and the cloud/fog has moved down a thousand feet or so, the frost on my trees is still very much present. You can see the frost in the tree in the lower left hand corner.

This is so pretty. I'm looking forward to warmer weather and having the snow gone, but I'm not complaining. The temperature is rapidly climbing now. It was 20° at 7:00 and now (9:20) it is 35.6°. In the 15 minutes since I took the photo, the frost is nearly all gone.

There is another storm poised to come in tonight. The forecast of accumulation is still vague, but it seems that I'm at the elevation to get the greatest amount of what does fall. Go figure! I guess I'll have to wait and see, right? OK, that's something I do pretty well.

Waiting ....... waiting ....... waiting ....... waiting ....................


  1. It's pretty, yes, but when you have to drive in it for months at a time, it gets old. We got about eight inches of snow last night and the roads were a treacherous mess. Deadly too as somebody was killed in a wreck near where I work.

  2. Dave, I'm fortunate that I'm retired. And normally, I wouldn't have to worry about snow on the ground and serious winter weather for long, but we've had snow on the ground in serious amounts since the beginning of December. Very unusual in this area. In spite of that, I'm loving it.

  3. Sounds like yoou may have a good day in store. Enjoy it while you can.

  4. Yesssssssss. I certainly will!!

  5. Gorgeous pictures of a place that brings back fond memories. When I was in college at Texas Tech, my dad had a mobile home on some acreage just above Capitan. He'd leave it empty in the winter, and I got to use it has a home base many weekends for skiing at Sierra Blanca. A few times I came to visit during the summer, and we went camping on the north side of the Capitan massif. I'm glad I found your blog!

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