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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jazi and the deer

Do ya have a couple minutes? Good. Watch these videos. The first kinda sets the stage, and the second really gives you the full idea of how funny this is.

Here's the deal. We were all sitting on the couch, snoozing or watching TV, and suddenly Jazmyn, from her favorite spot on the back of the couch, saw some deer out the window. (BTW, one was one of the babies, now a young stag with 4 points, I've watch grow up, so they haven't left me!! Hurray!) Anyway, here is what happens at my house when "they" appear out the window .....

So this is how it starts .....

And then a couple minutes later ....

Isn't she a pip??


  1. ok, clearly she is half gremlin with those noises!! that is so freaking funny. i love how ferocious she is---from the BACK of the couch!!


  2. This is hysterical Lynilu!
    She sounded like she was trying to talk. She almost seemed like she wanted to be brave for you but wasn't quite sure! I love little dogs, they have sooo much personality!
    Love Di

  3. Yep, you got yourself a real protector there. Hope she never has to leave her perch. We'll see how big and bad she is then.

  4. Beans, aren't those great noises? I crack up when she does that! I hadn't thought of the comparison to gremlins! Yep!

    Nick, she truly is! Quite full of herself!

    Di, trust me, she knows how to be brave! And personality? Yeah, through the roof!

    Linda, she is not afraid of anything at all! She honestly is the bravest .... and the smallest .... of all my dogs!

  5. I havent been commenting cause every time I try I get kicked off the net. I love the pictures. I like getting to know you on facebook we have similar values I take stray cats in you adopt dogs. Thank you Caroline also.

  6. tthanks, Bobbie. I hope your internet .... and YOU .... get well soon!

  7. Looks and sounds like Jazi is saying "Do you see that, Mom?? No worries, I'll protect you if it comes any closer!!"
    So precious!

  8. Peggy, you could be right! I watched it again, and cracked up at that thought!


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