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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If you own a certain stock, thank me now.

Who'd a-thunk it? When I adopted five rescue dogs, I had no idea that Vaseline would become my new best friend. But it obviously is.

I was sitting on the couch doing a crossword puzzle. Apparently I dropped my white-out pen. I thought I stuck it in my pocket, but who knows whether I missed the pocket or it fell out. I assume it was on the couch beside me when Lola got up and sat with me for a while. When she got down I didn't pay much attention, but now .... isn't hindsight wonderfully clear? .... I realize that she kinda sneaked off the couch and went to the end of it, out of my sight.

I made a mistake in the puzzle, and I reached for the pen, and it wasn't in the pocket. I stood up and began looking between the couch cushions. Next I decided I must have not put it in the pocket as I thought, so looked all over the coffee table, nothing. On the floor, nothing.

And then ....

I saw her at the end of the couch, looking very guilty. She does not hide it well when she has done something she knows she shouldn't. And right in front of her was a well-chewed white plastic used-to-be pen. I picked it up and the palm of my hand filled with white-out, so I'm assuming she didn't get much ingested. I threw it away and cleaned my hands as best I could, then called the vet.

The receptionist answered the phone, and said just a minute, she would ask doc. When she came back to the phone, I heard him chuckling in the background as she relayed his remedy. A half tablespoon of Vaseline repeated every four hours for four times. You might remember that Maxey had to have a similar treatment recently when he ingested a tampon.

I guess I'd better buy an industrial size container of Vaseline. Looks like I'm gonna be needing it over time.

Anybody want a dog?



  1. I swear they are just like little kids! As soon as my husband calls me, the dogs start barking. Just like when the kids were small and you get on the phone and they start making all kinds of noise! I hope your dog is feeling alright,my Ruby is the same way, can't leave anything laying around! Love Di

  2. Come on now, how am I ever going to pick a favorite if you keep relaying thse stories? Let's see now, we have had recent stories about Jazi, Max and Lola. What are the other two doing, polishing their halos?

  3. Di, you're about right on that! It is a challenge in some way, every day! And I'm usually careful about leaving anything around because Lola is bad about that, but obviously I was not careful enough!

    Linda, I have to say that Joey is a very good dog. He rarely gets into anything that I have to worry about. He barks incessantly at the deer, but that's about it. And Sam .... well! Sam has had his day, and he has been out of trouble for a while. He's another eater of Mom's stuff! In his first year with me, he chewed up about 10-12 pairs of shoes and the straps of at least 3 bras. Knock on wood, but he's been good, with the exception of one camisole strap for a year!! A year!!!

  4. I have to say that this was a very helpful tip for me, when Daisy ingested part of the plastic milk top. Came out, no problem. I didn't panic, I trusted your vet, but kept a close eye on her. I thought she was over the chewing things up stage, but I was wrong. I guess you should get a bigger bottle. I think you will need it.

  5. I think I do, too, Cheryl! No reason to take chances. If she had eaten the plastic, I would have known to do that, but I didn't know about if she ingested some of the liquid. I suspect since it was just a little, the same thing works! Who knew!

  6. LOL. Seriously, your dogs are like toddlers. I bet you had no idea that you would need to baby proof your house.

  7. OMG, Yes, I do! Those little characters get into all kinds of things if I'm not careful. I have to be very thoughtful about what is less than 2 ft from the floor. Or near the edge of the coffee table. Or near a chair that they can get into. Or .... well you get the idea! Every day is a challenge. And fun!


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